AR15news - logoPrecision Reflex PRI Mounts LogoTony at Precision Reflex, Inc. just sent me some information on a cool new product they introduced this year at SHOT called the Power Locking Gator Grip.

The new POWER LOCKING DON’T LET GO GATOR GRIP PLATFORM is a multi use platform.  The platform can be used with a variety of optics from scopes to night vision equipment and still have the convenience of a quick release.  The platform allows the shooter flexibility to move scope rings around the platform for different spacing needs.  The mount is offered with 1”or 30mm rings.  The platform has unlimited possibilities for mounting even a Picitinny base with MOA.  This platform has a unique dual clamping and locating system with a single open close lever.  This provides optimum repeatability when taking on and off the rifle for a no “0” loss.

I personally have a flattop AR-15 and depending on which range I go to I like to switch back and forth between my 3-9×40 Scope and my MI Backup Iron Sights.  The only issue is that when I re-mount my scope I always have to zero it in again.  The Gator Grip would eliminate a lot of that which is great!

The Gator Grip is not on Precision Reflex’s website yet but will be in the next couple of days including prices as well.  If you’d like an update when it is available, send me an email at ar15news(at)yahoo_dot_com.  I’ll email you as soon as I here from Tony that they are available.

In the mean time, feel free to check out the pics of the Gator Grip below and then head on over to Precision Reflex’s website to check out their huge selection of other accessories.  Have a great day!

Precision Reflex PRI Mounts Gator Grip 1

Precision Reflex PRI Mounts Gator Grip 3

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