AR15news - logoMost of you already know that an integral part of keeping your rifle in tip top working order is just making sure it’s clean.  The issue is that not only is it time consuming but certain parts can also be really difficult to get clean.

Removing carbon from your bolt and bolt carrier can be quite a pain.  You end up trying to use just about anything that will fit inside the bolt carrier to scrape out the carbon build up at the bottom.  The bolt tail is just as difficult as it is a curved shape.  It usually requires the use of a wire brush or scraper tool to remove the carbon. Try using a straight edged tool to scrape something off of a curved surface.  Doesn’t work too well.

Luckily Magna-Matic Defense has created a great Carbon Removal Tool called the CRT-15.  The CRT-15 is designed to easily remove carbon build up from both the Bolt Tail and the Bolt Carrier.  It is made of hardened steel and then coated in Zinc to give it a super durable finish.

The larger end is designed to scrape the inside of the Bolt Carrier by simply turning it in a clockwise direction.  By flipping the tool around and using the smaller, “lathe style” end, you can easily scrape the carbon off of the radius of the bolt tail.

I’ve been using the CRT-15 for a while now and it has made cleaning the bolt and bolt carrier of my weapon much quicker and easier.  This is simply the best Carbon Removal Tool available.  Right now they are offering a $10 discount on the CRT-15 so you can get yours for only $39.99.  Check out Magna-Matic Defense to get yours!

Check out the pictures below as well as some additional information from Magna-Matic Defense.

Never before has the soldier, enthusiast, gunsmith, or armorer had access to a single tool that can remove the carbon from both the bolt tail and bolt carrier with such ease and precision. This revolutionary tool eclipses the function of the “scraper style” tools currently in the industry by not only improving on their ability to remove carbon buildup in the bolt carrier, but surpassing them by adding the feature of quickly and accurately removing carbon buildup from the tail of the bolt. No longer must the soldier, enthusiast, gunsmith, or armorer toil with solvent and a wire brush to adequately clean the tail of the bolt. Only the CRT-15 can remove carbon properly from any bolt tail radius, (bolt tail dimensions vary between manufacturers)! The CRT-15 is the must have cleaning tool that should be in every cleaning kit of an AR-15, M-16, and M-4 owner/operator.


  • Reamer-style end removes carbon from bolt carrier of the M-16 family
  • Lathe-style end removes carbon from the bolt tail of the M-16 family
  • Proper carbon removal ensures proper bolt operation
  • Easily fits in field cleaning kits
  • Lightweight compact design fits in pocket
  • All steel precision manufactured
  • Clear zinc plated for severe outdoor corrosion resistance
  • Hardened for long lasting quality
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Easy to use
  • Ensures proper bolt operation
  • Save time with a tool specifically designed to remove carbon from problem areas of M-16 family bolts and bolt carriers
  • Compact, lightweight, and field ready
  • Fewer tools to carry/transport

Magna-Matic Defense CRT-15 1

Magna-matic Defense CRT-15 2

Magna-matic Defense CRT-15 3

"Lathe" end of the CRT-15 for scraping the Bolt Tail

Magna-matic Defense CRT-15 6

Magna-matic Defense CRT-15 4

"Reamer" end for scraping the inside of the Bolt Carrier

Magnamatic Defense CRT-15 7

Magna-Matic Defense CRT-15 8

*Photo courtesy of Magna-Matic Defense

Magna-Matic Defense CRT-15 Instructions

Instructions courtesy of Magna-Matic Defense

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