AR15news - logoBattle Arms Development Logo 2This is a sneak peak at the billet ambidextrous lower receiver.  You’ll notice in this picture that the FIRE pictogram is not centered directly above the safety selector but at 68 degrees.  This was not done by accident!  This is the first receiver produced so far that’s compatible with both the Battle Arms Development B.A.D.A.S.S.-S.T. 45 degree short throw safety selector and legacy 90 degree selector.  I can tell you from experience that the Battle Arms Ambi Safety Selectors are by far the best on the market.  This lower also has a right hand bolt release as well.  Other than that there really isn’t a ton of available specs or other information yet.  As soon as I here I will be sure to pass it along to all of you!

Hang in there.  You are more than half way to the weekend!



Trigger:  4.5Lb Geissele 3 Gun trigger, specially made for, with custom bolt face logo engraved.

Selector:  45 degree, short throw from Battle Arms Dev.

Stock:  Magpul UBR

Pistol grip:  Magpul MIAD

Customizable parts when ordering:  Selector (choice between 45 degree short throw and 90 degree legacy selector), Stock (Magpul CTR, PRS, UBR) and Receiver sling attachment adapter including the NoMar endplate by Black Widow Armament.

Some folks have already pointed out that the billet receiver bears striking resemblance to the rare Magpul receiver. and Magpul are partners in this project, they purchased the rights to it years ago.

There will be more information coming soon as the official announcement is made.

AR15 Billet Lower

ar15 billet lower 2

ar15 billet lower 3

ar15 billet lower 4