Samson LogoHey Guys.  I found this new Samson Mfg grip plug knife while scouring the internet for some more information to share with you.  Looks like a really cool product.  They will be introducing it next week at the NRA Show.  Samson Mfg makes some really nice stuff and this one looks like it will continue with that trend.  

This new knife fits into the AR15 A2 grip. This knife is the first of a family of defensive and utility knives which are deployed from the grip, just like the Samson Field Survivor tool. Other knives will be designed to fit the Hogue AR15 Rev B and the Magpul MIAD/MOE Grip.

The new knives are constructed from 420 Stainless Steel, and a polymer base which mounts securely into the AR grip.

Theis blade also includes a 1/2″ hex wrench and bottle/MRE opener.

Suggested retail is $59.95

Samson Claw Knife Grip Insert 1

Samson Claw Knife Grip Insert 2

Samson Claw Knife Grip Insert 3

Samson Claw Knife Grip Insert 4

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