line-of-fire-logoSome of you might remember me telling you about a really nice gun case made by Line of Fire Tactical called the Hybrid Weapon Case.  Line of Fire Tactical also makes some sweet tactical gloves that are definitely a step above the rest.

The gloves that I have had the pleasure of reviewing are called the POINTMAN.  The POINTMAN is a shorter style glove that is similar in size to a batting or driving style glove.  Obviously you wouldn’t consider a driving glove to be tactical so I’ll explain a few of the features that set the POINTMAN apart from the rest of the pack.

The POINTMAN are made of a combination of 100% Nomex, premium cowhide leather and digital goatskin leather.  This makes them fire-resistant and also helps them to fit comfortably the first time you try them on.  One of the first things you notice when you see these gloves is that they have very aggressive Polyurethane knuckle and finger protection.  The surprising thing is that while wearing them you don’t even feel these.  The gloves are very comfortable and require no break-in period.

So at this point you might be trying to figure out how these are that different from any other “Tactical” glove.  This is basically where all other manufacturers stop and say “Look, we made a Tactical glove”.  Luckily for you and I, Line of Fire Tactical isn’t willing to be just as good as everyone else.  They want to be the best!  That’s why all of their gloves have TEGS (Technologically Enhanced Gripping System) built right into them.

TEGS is basically thousands of tiny fingers that give you unsurpassed grip in either wet or dry conditions.  By attaching the provided TEGS Tape to your weapon and accessories you can increase your grip by at least 170% over standard leather gloves.

TEGS on TEGS feel somewhat like two magnets that are attracted together.  The grip is not sticky at all and doesn’t have any properties of velcro.  When you apply pressure or hold onto the item the TEGS starts working and intertwines all of those tiny fingers to increase the hold but soon as you release the pressure the TEGS lets go.  It makes for a very easy material to work with.  And because it is not like velcro it doesn’t get stuck on your clothing or other fabrics.  Truly amazing!

This was my first experience with TEGS so I decided to cut out a few pieces and put them on one of my PMAG’s.  First of all, it looks really cool on the PMAG, almost like the popular stippling look.  It was really cool to feel the additional grip on something that I am used to holding with out it there.  Check out the picture of the glove below to see it hold a PMAG without me wearing the glove.

All in all, I would have to say that these are the finest tactical gloves on the market.  Add up all of these features and they still only retail for $75.95.  They also have three other tactical glove models to choose from to meet specific needs.  Head on over to to get a pair for yourself!

Line of Fire Pointman Tactical Gloves 1

Line of Fire Pointman Tactical Gloves 2

Line of Fire Pointman Tactical Gloves 3

Line of Fire Pointman Tactical Gloves 4

Line of Fire Pointman Tactical Gloves 5

Line of Fire Pointman Tactical Gloves 6

Line of Fire Pointman Tactical Gloves 7

Line of Fire Pointman Tactical Gloves 8

Line of Fire Pointman Tactical Gloves 9

Line of Fire Pointman Tactical Gloves 10

Line of Fire Pointman Tactical Gloves 11

Line of Fire Pointman - TEGS holding a PMAG