M-T Chamber LogoIf you and I are anything alike you will agree with me that what gets us through the week is the excitement of buying new AR-15 accessories and the anticipation of heading out and putting some lead down range.  One thing that is not always quite as exciting though is safety equipment, although it is equally important.

Thankfully there are companies like M-T Chamber that have decided to produce those needed safety products to help keep our families and fellow shooters safe.  They have a new product called the M-T Chamber Block.  Check out the information and pics below.  Then take the time to  check out too.

M-T Chamber

What is it?

M-T Chamber is the first 360 degree highly visible gun chamber block that can be used in any semi-automatic handgun — .380 caliber and larger.   The M-T Chamber also has products just for the “black gun” AR-15 style market.  The M-T Chamber blocks are the safest and cheapest blocks on the market.  The M-T Chamber is the cheapest insurance that you can buy to guarantee that your weapon is unloaded and safe.  All of M-T Chamber products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

M-T Chambers are currently being used by many police departments, shooting ranges, CPL instructors, and homeowners to insure that the weapons are unloaded and safe.

M-T Chamber Block

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M-T Chamber Block 2

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