Magpul Japanese Relief Patch 1I just thought I would share something cool that Magpul is currently doing to aid in the relief help following the devastating Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.

They are selling a limited edition Japanese style 3″ moral patch as a fundraiser.  All profits from the sales of this patch will go directly to the Red Cross and other organizations that are helping with the relief efforts in Japan.

These patches are only $6 each.  Check out the pics and information below from to join in and support this great cause! 


Magpul fans, it’s time to come together and show our support for those in need. This past March, Japan was rocked by a massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami. PTS by Magpul, our Hong Kong based Airsoft Training and Simulation sister company, has teamed up with Mil-Spec Monkey© to create a commemorative patch as a fundraiser for the Japanese rebuild effort. This limited edition patch design is a spin-off of the “Army Strong” slogan and features the Japanese kanji for Strength in the center of a brushstroke circle symbolizing the Japanese flag.

We here at Magpul are honored to do our part in helping this relief effort by offering this fundraiser patch through our online store for purchase in the US.

All profits go directly to the Red Cross and other charitable organizations providing relief to the Japanese community. Please join us in supporting this cause.

Available in two colors, a Red/Black or Red/White. 3″ in diameter with hook-and-loop back.

Magpul Japanese Relief Patch 1

Magpul Japanese Relief Patch 2

Magpul Japanese Relief Patch 2

Magpul Japanese Relief Patch 4