CAA Tactical LogoToday I received some information from my friends at Command Arms Accessories also know as CAA.  They are announcing their new Three Window Magazine for the AR-15.

They already have their very popular Countdown Magazine which has one window that shows the number of rounds left in the mag.  I personally like the new design because you aren’t trying to read a number on the bottom of the magazine but can just take a quick glimpse at the windows to get an indication where you are.  Looks to be another great product from CAA.  Check out the rest of the product information below.  These just hit the wharehouse at CAA and should be available for purchase right away!


CAA 3 Window MAG MAG3WCommand Arms Accessories (CAA) / EMA Tactical is proud to introduce our new and innovative Three Window Magazine.  The Three built in windows allows the operator to see how many rounds remain in the mag.

This three window system allows the operator to keep track of his remaining rounds and facilitates timely magazine changes without the operator losing his sight picture.  Simply glancing down at the back of the magazine from his cheek weld shows the approximate number of rounds remaining.

Part #: MAG3W

Weight (empty, oz.): 5.44.

Capacity: 30 Rounds

Fits: .233 / 5.56

Made Of: Polymer with anti tilt follower & stainless steel spring.

When the magazine is full the operator will see the brass round casings in the top and middle windows.  The (orange) follower will appear in the bottom window indicating a full magazine of 30 rounds.

As rounds are fired, the operator glances at the middle window. When the middle window is empty only 19 rounds (or less) remain in the magazine.

Then the operator glances at the top window. When the top window is empty only 11 rounds (or less) remain.

This three window system shows that when the middle window is empty the operator has 2/3rds or fewer of the rounds remaining and when the top window is empty only 1/3 or fewer of the rounds remain in the magazine.

CAA 3 Window Mag MAG3W 2