Over the next few weeks I am going to do a series of posts to share Phase 5 Tactical’s excellent upgrade options for your AR-15.  This first post will focus on their three inexpensive Extended Bolt Charge/Release (EBR) options, which are EBRv1, EBRv2 and EBRv2-SC.  All three products are very well made but I will show you in this post why I think the EBRv2 is my first choice for Extended Bolt Charge/Release Levers on the market.  I’ve taken some pictures of the installation process of the EBRv1 and EBRv2 and final product for you to check out.

Phase 5 Tactical EBR v1 v2 sc


First lets check out the EBRv1.  The EBRv1 is a basic Extended Bolt Charge/Release lever which incorporates the lever, a mounting plate and 3 screws to clamp on to the existing Ping-pong style Bolt Catch/Release lever.  This is very similar to other models out there with the exception of one minor detail.  This model does not have a cut out area on the back that fits around the existing Bolt Release/Catch lever.  This does make it a bit more difficult to position but with that comes the ability to adjust the location forward/back and up/down on the lever to fit your preference.  See the images below!

Phase 5 Tactical EBR Bolt Catch Release removal

Standard Bolt Catch/Release


Phase 5 Tactical EBRv1

Phase 5 Tactical EBRv1


Phase 5 Tactical EBRv1a

Phase 5 Tactical EBRv1



The next option is my absolute favorite.  It’s called the EBRv2 and is what I believe to be the nicest Extended Bolt Charge/Release lever available today.  The EBRv2 is a designed to be direct drop-in replacement of your existing Bolt Charge/Release lever.  No more worrying about the screws coming loose or having the lever wobble.  It also will work with well with pretty much any upper receiver on the market as there are no mounting screws and plates to interfere with the action of the lever.  They even make a version of the EBRv2 called the EBRv2-SC for use with Side Charging Upper Receivers that until now could not use an Extended Bolt Charge/Release.

Phase 5 Tactical EBRv2

Phase 5 Tactical EBRv2


Phase 5 Tactical EBRv2

Phase 5 Tactical EBRv2 vs standard BCR


Phase 5 Tactical EBR Bolt Catch Release removala

Use a 1/16 punch to remove the Bolt Catch/Release


Phase 5 Tactical EBR Bolt Catch Release removalb

Be very careful not to loose the small spring and pin just beneath the lever!


Phase 5 Tactical EBRv2c

Phase 5 Tactical EBRv2 before inserting roll pin


Phase 5 Tactical EBRv2 sc

Phase 5 Tactical EBRv2 next to the EBRv2 SC - Notice the chopped top to allow room for a side charging handle to pass.


Phase 5 Tactical EBRv2e

Phase 5 Tactical EBRv2


Phase 5 Tactical EBRv2d

Phase 5 Tactical EBRv2 Installed


Phase 5 Tactical EBRv2f

Phase 5 Tactical EBRv2


I’ve been a fan of Phase 5 Tactical for some time now and I’m very impressed with the quality of the product and the obvious thought that was put into the design of these components.  In the coming articles for Phase 5 Tactical I will install their Winter Trigger Guard, Ambi Charging Handle Latch (ACHL) and the P5t Muzzle Brake.  Make sure you take a few minutes to check out Phase5Tactical.com.  You can also follow Phase 5 Tactical on facebook.