Badger Ordnance logoOne of my pet peeves with all of the different equipment and accessories you can get for your AR-15 is how stinking difficult it can be to remove and item so you can install another item.

One particular accessory I personally have a problem with is my bipod.  I use the CAA (Command Arms Accessories) BPO Bipod.  I think it is an awesome bipod with one exception.  I hate that it uses these very hard to access hex screws to install/remove the bipod.  I really enjoy shooting both with a bipod or standing using a Magpul AFG so to switch back and forth I need to remove one or the other.  I’ve always thought it would be great if someone made some type of Quick Disconnect for a bipod. Their are bipods that have it built in but I don’t want to have to buy another bipod.

Well, if you happen to use a Harris (tons of you do!) or Atlas bipod you got a nice option.  Earlier today my buddy Glenn at Badger Ordnance told me about their TRAMP (Tactical Rapid Adjustable Mounting Point) Bipod Mount which they launched a while back.  It basically is a light weight mount made of Delrin that you attach your bipod to.  It utilizes a spring-loaded hard-coat anodized release lever that locks it into place.  To release the bipod you just press down on the ears of the lever and slide it off.  Very simple and very quick.

I think this looks like a great design and I know Badger Ordnance makes some great products.  If you have a Harris or Atlas bipod you should check them out at