I realize that most fans of the AR-15 are probably also fans of the great outdoors.  So I thought I would share with you some new products from Exotac that will help you enjoy your stay while in the Great Outdoors.  Exotac makes some excellent, high-end survival gear that is still very affordable.  They have a total of 8 new products scheduled to come out this August and have been releasing some pics of the new stuff.  The official announcements will be coming soon but thought you would like to see these pics.

The first pictures are of the new version of their MATCHCAP called the MATCHCAP XL. The new MATCHCAP XL has a larger watertight storage capacity, a striking surface and a lower curved opening for ease of access to the matches.  Great looking product.

The next pictures are a new version of their very popular nanoSTRIKER called the nanoSTRIKER XL.  The nanoSTIKER and nanoSTRIKER XL are probably the nicest ferrocerium fire-starting tools on the market.  The XL is just a larger version of the original nanoSTRIKER.  It uses a 1/4″ Rod and a 1/4″ longer striker.  This will be a great upgrade if you’ve got some larger hands.

The last picture is of a new product called the fireROD.  Here is a quick bit of info from Exotac …” a collaboration with Steven Staten from Habilis Bush Tools. It uses a 5/16″ ferro rod and a simple but sexy looking tinder capsule. Like all of our machined products, the rod is replaceable. This is meant for those that like to carry their ferro rod in a knife sheath.”

Hope you have enjoyed checking out these new products from Exotac.  If you haven’t already you should definitely check out their website for some awesome outdoor survival gear.  You can also check out Exotac on Facebook!


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