This is my second of three post about the AR-15 accessories available from Phase 5 Tactical.  I’ve been very impressed with the quality and design of their products and these next two products are no different.  In the first write-up I showed you the EBRv1, EBRv2 and EBRv2-SC.  Today I am going to highlight two parts from completely different areas of the AR-15 rifle.

The first is the Phase 5 Tactical Muzzle Brake 5SP.  This is a very aggressive looking muzzle brake that has 5 Side Ports, hence the 5SP in the name, that are designed to help counter muzzle rise while shooting.  Notice in my pictures below that their are three ports on the top and one on each angled side.

I really like the size of the 5Sp because it is not as small as the standard A2 Birdcage style flash hider and not as big/heavy as a lot of the other muzzle devices on the market.  It’s unique size also means it is a bit lighter than most of the larger brakes out their too.

Another nice feature of the 5SP Muzzle Brake is that it has six spikes that protrude from the front of the brake.  They aren’t too sharp but are definitely not dull.  The idea is to use these as a “Keep in line” tool.  An operator in wartime might need to do a little poking or prodding or as P5T puts it “less than lethal persuading” to get an enemy prisoner to stay in check and this would definitely do the trick.  It can also be used for other tasks too such as breaking glass if necessary.

Installation is obviously very easy.  Just remove your existing muzzle device and thread the Phase 5 Tactical 5SP Muzzle Brake on to the end of your barrel.  Be sure your threads are not crossed before wrenching it down though.  One thing I did find out is that because of the unique size you can not use that standard AR-15/M4 Armorer’s Wrench to remove or install it.  Instead you just use either a 1″ socket wrench or an adjustable crescent wrench.  The 1″ socket works best to help you not ruin the finish.

I have not had any range time since I installed the new brake but will definitely report back with my findings.  Have a look at the pictures below and then continue on the rest of this article.

The second Phase 5 Tactical accessory that I am highlighting today is their Winter Trigger Guard.  The P5T Winter Trigger Guard has the same design style as the rest of their components and is probably the most aggressive looking trigger guard I’ve seen so far.  I’ve said before that if you run out of ammo you could probably use it as a last resort weapon of some sort.  Fashion it into a pair of brass knuckles or something! 🙂

It’s a machined piece of steel, not polymer, that kind of looks like an elongated “W”.  This design actually appears to give you more finger room compared to most enhanced trigger guards out their.  I have a picture below that compares it to the Magpul MOE trigger guard so you can see what I’m talking about.  Even though it may be a small amount of extra space it might be the difference of whether or not your gloves fit or don’t fit in your trigger area.  The only con for the P5T Winter Trigger Guard is from a esthetics point in that it does not fill the space at the rear of the trigger guard.  That really doesn’t make any difference in performance or safety at all but it was the only thing I could find that I would like to see changed.  This is their first version so maybe V2 will have that covered.

Installation was again very straight forward.  Just remove the old straight trigger guard using an allen wrench and a pin punch.  Then install the new one using the supplied screw and roll pin. This has been one of my favorite series of posts to do.  The products are very HIGH QUALITY yet LOW COST and have a very unique look to them.  Overall another A+ for Phase 5 Tactical.  I have one more Phase 5 Tactical write-up to do that will feature their Bullet Button, AMBI Charging Handle Latch (ACHL) and their yet to be released REVO SAS also know as the Revolving Sling Attachment System.  Look for the next article to come in a few weeks.  Check out the pictures below and then head on over to to purchase these great products.  You can also keep up with Phase 5 Tactical on Facebook too.


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