Hope you all are having a great start to the work week!  Here is some information about the new EFFIN-A Compensator 556 by Ares Armor, the first AR-15 Compensator that can be Tuned and Stacked.  This looks like it will be an awesome product.  It takes “Fine Tuning” your AR to the next level.  Check out the pictures and information below!

You can pre-order yours now at by clicking HERE.

Ares Armor is manufacturing the EFFIN-A Compensator 556 for those who want to fine tune their rifle to combat muzzle flip and allow additional accessories. This 5.56 Compensator provides ultimate customization with 7 columns and 4 rows of exit ports that can be closed off to adjust the direction your rifle disperses gas upon firing to combat Muzzle flip. Tuning is a simple process of adding screws in the areas where climb is most apparent. The ports are bottomed out before the chamber for the tightest screw fit, ensuring they do not impede the bullets path or work out under forces from pressure.

Muzzle flip is caused by the pressure that is released down the center of the bore in relation to the contact points of the weapon and the shooter. Muzzle climb is solved by this device in two ways; The EFFIN-A Compensator’s timed and tunable exit ports act as an outside force that returns the weapon to a “position of rest” after the round has been fired (the round acts as the initial force causing the unwanted motion) by directly countering the force in relation to the standard shooter contact points on the weapon. This Compensator is also designed to directly increase the weapons moment of inertia by accurately counter balancing the mass of the front of the weapon in relation to the force of motion created by the original force.

Due to the amount of time and money spent on researching the amount of pressure released during the act of firing a round and adjusting the Compensator’s balance to correspond to it the exact weight will not be released until after the pre-order. You can expect it to fall within the 4 to 5 ounce range.

The Compensator has an outer diameter of 1″ and is 1.95″ inches in length when the cap is removed. Further customization is provided with a selection of Black or Stainless Steel finish depending on which aesthetic best with your AR-15.

WARNING If you attempt to modify or use these devices in any way attempting to create baffles for a suppressor, it will instantly void our warranty and possibly land you in jail.  PLEASE OBEY THE LAW!

We do not recommend stacking more than two of these on top of each other. If you do so, you do it at your own risk and it will also void the warranty.

The EFFIN-A Compensator 556 from Ares Armor can be found at PredatorARMAMENT.COM

The Initial pre-order price being offered is $90.99, with a tentative shipment date of early September.




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