A few weeks ago I was asked to do a quick review of the new VTP Sling by TAREINCO.  Of course I’m always more than happy to check out any new piece of equipment.  The owner of TAREINCO has partnered up with Impact Weapons Components to offer a top notch sling called the VTP or Variable Transition Point sling.

The VTP is “Made With Honor In the USA!” from your standard nylon webbing and can be converted from a Two-Point sling to a Single-Point sling in a matter of seconds and vice versa.  This is possible by using the 2-to-1 QD Triglide manufactured by IWC.  The IWC QD Triglide is positioned a few inches from the rear attachment point so all you need to do to convert is remove the front attachment point and attach it to the QD Triglide.  To go back to the two-point conversion is remove it from the QD Triglide and re-attach it to the forward sling attachment point.

The VTP uses what they call Variable Adapters to attach itself to the rifle.  The Variable Adapters come with the “female” end of a side-release buckle and attaches to the VTP’s “male” end.   The VTP comes standard with 2 Troy QD Push Button Attachment Variable Adapters but you can also purchase a set of HK snap hooks or M.A.S.H. hooks.  This is a nice option for those of you who do not have any QD attachment points on your rifle.  The IWC QD Triglide was designed to be used with a push button QD swivel attachment but the HK snap hooks and M.A.S.H hooks work just fine to convert from a 2-point to a 1-point as well.  They are also offering an ECO Adapter that comes with no attachment point which will allow the end user to add any type of attachment they desire.

TAREINCO VTP Sling – Variable Adapters

Obviously being able to switch from a 2-point to a 1-point sling and back gives you the ability to adapt to different missions or situations that require different configurations.  This is not so much a new idea but the fact that you can switch to what type of attachment options you require is huge.  Imagine if you have more than one rifle and each one has a different type of attachment point.  Your VTP sling can accommodate pretty much anything you can throw at it.

The VTP also has an Adjusting Pull Tab similar to the one found on the Magpul sling.  This allows you to adjust the tightness of the sling while you are wearing it by just pulling the tab forward or back.  This allows you to get just the right fit while the rifle is hanging but also be able to effectively raise the rifle and shoot it.  I feel TAREINCO has perfected the Adjusting Pull Tab by making the loop adjustable in size.  If you want a larger loop for ease of access all you need to do is pull more slack out and you now have a larger loop to just grab with your hand.  If you want a smaller loop to hook with your thumb just remove some slack in the loop and you’re all set.  It’s as easy as that.

Notice the adjustable APT (Adjusting Pull Tab)

I really think TAREINCO hit a homerun with this sling.  The fit and finish on this sling is second to none.  From the partnering up with Impact Weapons Components and using their QD Triglide to using and Adjusting Pull Tab and making it so you can actually customize it’s size to fit your needs, it all fits together just right.  You can get some of these features on other slings but the only way to get this entire package is to go with the TAREINCO VTP Sling.  Keep an eye on TAREINCO.  They are a newer player in this market but if the VTP is any sign, they’re going to be around for a long time!

The TAREINCO VTP Sling and many other items are available for purchase at www.TAREINCO.com.  Be sure to keep up with TAREINCO and IWC on Facebook as well.

Special Thanks to IWC!  They supplied the TAREINCO VTP Sling and were nice enough to supply a QD Sling Mount-N-Slot for my Magpul MOE Buttstock so I could complete this review.  This is a great little product for any of you with a MOE Buttstock.  You can check it out at www.ImpactWeaponsComponents.com.  Look for a writeup about the QD Sling Mount-N-Slot for MOE Buttstock in the near future.