One of my goals that I have planned for the near future is to put together my own shooting area where I can really work on some good tactical firearm drills outside of the usual training courses.  So lately I’ve been looking for some Steel Targets for personal use and I think I’ve found a great product.

TacStrike was founded earlier this year by Rob Tackett who is the lead instructor at Practical Firearms Training.  TacStrike has some sweet options when it comes to Steel Targets that are proven to withstand more than just your backyard plinking.  Their targets would be well suited at any of your professional Tactical Training courses such as PFT, where they are designed to be abused every day and not look worse for ware.

TacStrike makes 4 different styles of Steel Targets and a really innovative Windshield Holder.  I’ve included some pictures and details for you to check out below.  These are definitely worth checking out whether for personal use, at the range or extreme abuse!  Click on the links below for pricing information.  You can also check out TacStrike’s online Shooter’s Consignment Store.

Our steel wasn’t designed for the occasional use in a backyard or weekend match.  TacStrike’s 1/4 Scale Target System was designed over years of training shooters at one of the nations most notarized shooting schools.  Pat Goodale and PFT Team Members have coordinated for more than a decade to design the most functional target design on the market.  Now on its 6th generation the PFT has reached the pinacle of function and durability.

The AR 540 plate floats inside of the carrier allowing it to absorb the impact without the need to swing to the rear or rock in the carrier to absorb the bullet impact.  From 22 to 12 gauge slugs this one target system will serve you for years.

The Upright mounts into the base plates center 2×2 pocket and has an armor plate attached to the front of the post to keep those low rounds from damaging the post.

The base of this target system also holds 1×2 or 2×2 uprights at the right distance apart for a standard IPSC or IPDA target.  So there is no longer a need to take multiple bases to the range or redesign your target line if you are the owner of a range.  Simply pick the upright and plate out of the base and replace with uprights in the outer pockets.  Tension screws are located on the outer pockets to lock in either size wooden upright you are using.  Drain holes in the pockets and stake holes in the base arms are also pre-cut for your convienance

Tired of having to carry your steel outside everytime you want to shoot?  Tired of wondering if your steel is going to walk off the range when you aren’t there?  TacStrike’s Stake In Targets will give you a lifetime of service and never need anything more than a fresh coat of spray paint.  These are available in three different sizes.  4-inch Round, 6X6 and 12×12.

TacStrike 4" Round Stake-In Target

TacStrike 6X6 Stak-In Target

TacStrike 12x12 Stake In Target 1

TacStrike 12x12 Stake-In Target


Made of AR450 steel that is 3/4 of an inch thick our stake in targets are designed for years of high volumn rifle fire.  We have also designed the plate cut to provide protection of the upright post and offset of the main plate body to account for terrain features such as tall grass, rocks, and fallen limbs at the range that would otherwise obscurre your target.

Some of our customers dig a hole and mount these targets in a few inches of concrete and then bury the entire stake up to the bottom of the plate.  This allows you to leave them safe and secure at the range and the ability to control the angle of deflection more than just driving the target into the ground.

Military units that need something more portable should consider these targets as such.  Mounted in a 5 gallon size bucket full of sand or gravel, troops can place these targets throughout the field of fire and paint them according to the needed camoflage.

TacStrike Windshield Holder

I saw a need for this product during years of training and teaching shooters whose lives depend on the skills associated with working around vehicles everyday of their lives.  If you are an instructor of men who go into dangerous situations with a gun then you have no reason not to have these at your facility.

From shooting out of the winshield in a seated position to understanding the bullet’s performance when going into a vehicle this stand will allow you to learn and teach windshield dynamics like you never had the oppurtunity before.  Forget the once a year times when a scrap car is brought to your range for you to shoot up.  Working with your local auto glass repair shops can net your agency free glass all day long for continued exercises on range days.

Using the same base as our 1/4 Scale system the ability to create elaborate scenarios exists with only a few target systems.

Adjustable from ground level to truck level and with the ability to adjust the winshield angle, the TacStrike windshield holder will provide you the options to train to what vehicle you drive daily taking the confidence learned on the range into the street.

Large units can utilize multiple systems to work on convoy takedowns and sniper initiated ambushes with minimul logistic time.