If you are looking to buy a new EOTech then you need to check out this deal.  Right now GG&G has a great deal on an EOTech XPS3-0 combo deal that saves you more than $200 over purchasing these items individually.  The package includes the EOTech, GG&G Lens Covers and the GG&G Accucam Quick Detach Mounting System but they only have 10 units available so get in on this one right away.

Check out all of the information below!

Only 10 Of You Will Be Able To Get This $535.50 Deal!

Due to a special purchase from EOTech, we can offer these 10 EOTech
XPS3-0 Combat Ready Packages for the discounted price of $535.00. The EOTech XPS3-0 Scope by itself normally sells for over $550.00. With a retail price of this package being North of $736.00, these 10 packages will sell out quickly.

The Discounted Package includes: the compact EOTech XPS3-0 Optic, the GG&G Improved Accucam Quick Detach Mounting System with the newly redesigned adjustment mechanism, and a set of GG&G Lens Covers. You have your choice of three different front lens cover engraving options.  The Accucam Quick Detach System And The Lens Covers are factory installed. All you have to do is mount it to your favorite weapon and zero it in.

We only have 10 units at this low price so you need to act fast and Click Here to make your purchase, or call one of our Product Specialists on our toll free number to place you order. -800-380-2540-

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