You’ll probably remember a few posts from a while back about Revision Military.  Revision has been a huge supplier of top notch Ballistics Eye Protection to the US Military helping keep our troops vision safe while in combat.  I’ve had the pleasure of owning and reviewing many pairs of Revision Military’s Ballistic Eyewear and have been totally amazed at their quality and comfort.

Recently Revision Military made their first foray into the world of non-Ballistics grade eye wear called the Alphawing.  At first thought this seems kind of out of place but then you begin to realize that with all of their resources and technical ability they could probably make a pretty nice pair of civilian use sun glasses.  That’s exactly what they did!

My friend David at Revision sent me a pair of Alphawing’s so I could share about them with all of you.  The Alphawing is an Aviator Style pair of sunglasses which is very popular right now.  Not only do aviators look cool but they are designed to give you better performance than smaller lens sunglasses and give you a wider field of view.  The Alphawing’s are super lightweight and offer unmatched comfort.  These are seriously  the lightest sunglasses I’ve ever worn.  There are times when I put them on top of my head and forget that they are even there.

As always the lenses on any Revision product are “Flawless”!  The Alphawing lenses are super clear with absolutely no distortion at all and offer 100% UV protection.  They also have a tough coat to resist scratches.  One of the things I liked most about the lenses is that they have a very nice faded tint starting with darkest at the top and getting lighter towards the bottom.  This is usually where other manufacturers mess up and the tint just kind of cuts off instead of smoothly transitioning to light.  It is a nice feature as it helps when you look down to read something, look at your phone, etc. and everything isn’t so dark.

As I mentioned before these frames are super lightweight but they are also very strong.  They have reinforced hinges as well because you know someone’s gonna try to sit on them.  🙂  Both arms of the frames have been lazer engraved, with REVISION on the right side and their logo on the left and come with ruber grips at the ends to keep them in place.  The nose pieces are larger than most so you don’t take them off and have these nasty indents on the sides of your nose.

Revision also doesn’t just cheap out and throw them in a box and send them to you.  Every pair of their glasses come in some sort of nice case which in the case of the Alphawing is made out of metal and stays closed using magnetics.  It is lined in felt and comes with a nice cleaning cloth too.

Revision Military is very generously offering a 30% Discount on all of their Eye wear to you AR15news readers.  This even goes for their Ballistics protection eyegear as well!  It’s really easy to use.  Just pick out the pair you want, add it to your cart, type in the discount code AR15NEWS and you’ll immediately see a 30% discount on the total.  I have become a huge fan of Revision and these are by far my favorite pair of sunglasses I have ever worn and I’m not just saying that.  These are available exclusively at the Revision Military online store.

The pictures below are there just because I always feel the urge to have a gun in the pictures! 🙂

*Disclamer:  The Alphawing sunglasses only meet the ANSI Z80 standard, which means that they ARE NOT ballistic rated eyewear. They’re meant for casual use only and should not be used a eye protection.