Battle Arms Development Logo 2If you keep tabs on the AR-15 world of accessories you are probably a huge fan of the Battle Arms Development Ambi Safety Selector (BAD A.S.S.) and rightfully so.  The BAD A.S.S. is widely regarded as the benchmark when it comes to high quality Ambi Safety Selectors for your AR15/AR10.  You’ll be happy to hear that they have added another style of lever to their list of  options.  Their newest option is probably my favorite called the “CRANK“.

Up until now they offered the STANDARD, THIN, SHORT, SHORT-THIN and HYBRID (see picture below).  The CRANK is the same length and thickness as the THIN but incorporates a small round gripping surface that makes it look like a miniature “CRANK” up window handle.  Due to its standard length but different feeling selector end this lever is really easy to locate with your thumb or trigger finger depending on which side you install it on.



You can now select the CRANK lever as one of your three included levers when you purchase your new Battle Arms Development Ambi Safety Selector or as a separate option for those of you who have already purchased a BAD A.S.S.  The BAD A.S.S., CRANK lever, the sweet looking BAD Patch (in the pictures) and much more are all available at the BAD Web Store!  Check out the pics of the installed CRANK lever below!