With the popularity of the AR-15 .22 Long Rifle Conversion Kits and AR-15 Dedicated .22 Long Rifle Uppers on the rise we are starting to see more and more products coming to market that are designed to optimize the overall performance and quality of those rifles.  One of the companies offering their expertise is Head Down Products.  Head Down Products already produces some awesome Precision Rifles and Parts.  Now they have announced a new product in their arsenal which is a Silencers called the HD22. 

Head Down Products HD22 Silencer 2

The HD22 will not only be a very high quality Silencer for any .22 Long Rifle Conversion Kit or Dedicated .22 Long Rifle Upper with 1/2 x 28 Barrel Thread Pattern but is also very easily switched over to most other .22 handguns and rifles as well.  It’s also very light weight at only 3.5 oz. and is small at only 5.3″ long by 1.08″ in diameter.

One of the unique features of the HD22 Silencer is that it was designed to be easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance by the user of the silencer.  This is made possible by a unique Take Down Tool and Baffle Design.  They use 6061-T6 Aluminum to produce the Tube, End Caps and K-Baffles.  The K-Baffles are then treated with Blue Technology ™ to help reduce sound, increase the life of the baffles and assist in cleaning.

The Mount and Blast Baffle are both manufactured from 6AL4V Titanium.  6AL4V Titanium, also known as Ti 6-4, is the same type of Titanium used in Military Aircraft and Turbines, Surgical Implants, and generally any situation where the application calls for maximum strength and corrosion resistance.  This gives the HD22 Silencer a much stronger mounting point and also will help increase the life of not only the Mount but also the Blast Baffle.

The Head Down Products HD22 Silencer is  available for purchase by contacting Head Down Products directly at (404) 590-AR15.  Looks to be another great product from a great company.  The HD22 should retail right around $389.

You can keep tabs on all things Head Down Products three ways.  First is through their website at www.HeadDownProducts.com, second is by becoming a member of Shooter’s Legion and liking their fan page and last but not least by becoming a fan of Head Down Products on Facebook.

Feel free to check out the spec sheet below for more information!