Over the last few months I have shared a series of posts with you about quite a few of the high quality, yet inexpensive products that Phase 5 Tactical makes including their awesome new CQC AR-15 Pistols.  Today I just want to highlight the last three items on the list which are the REVO SAS (Revolving Sling Attachment Solution), ACHL (Ambi Charging Handle Latch) and the MRT (Magazine Release Tool).  

If you’ve carried your AR-15 on a sling before you know just how important it is to have a good, quality sling mount.  Some people choose to use a two point sling, some prefer the one point slings.  Either way you’re going to need a rear sling mount.  Most rear sling mounts are going to replace your end plate near the front of your buffer tube.  The REVO SAS is a really cool ambi sling attachment system.  It features a very sturdy single loop that can swing from left to right even with the sling still attached.  There is no need to unhook your sling to switch from right side to left side.  This is the part that sets the REVO SAS apart from most of its competition.

As I’ve mentioned before, my preferred sling method is the single point sling.  I was curious to see how the REVO SAS would perform while being used with a single point sling being that the attachment point is not stationary.  From my experience it was just as comfortable as any other attachment system I’ve used.  What I found handy was being about to practice bringing the rifle up and into my weak side to shoot without the sling getting bound up.  Imagine you are shooting out of cover but your cover is on your strong side.  Now you need to shoot with your weak which isn’t easy if your sling mount is only set up for strong side shooting.

The action is surprisingly quiet and smooth.  The movement is limited to, I would estimate, about 120 degrees of rotation. Installation is very simple as with most other rear endplate style sling mounts.  The Phase 5 Tactical REVO SAS also comes with a new castle nut as well.  The REVO SAS retails for just $65 and was easily my favorite out of these last three products.

The ACHL is another one of Phase 5 Tactical’s ambidextrous products.  The ACHL replaces your standard charging handle latch with a modified version that allows you to easily use the charging handle with either hand.  Some times people try to think up solutions to problems and end up making them more complicated.  Phase 5 Tactical kept this as simple as possible and it really works well.  The ACHL not only gives you added latch space on the left side but also has an extended arm the runs along the back of the charging handle to allow the operator of the weapon to use their right hand if needed as well.

Installation is very easy.  Just simply remove one roll pin using a 1/16 punch.  Be careful not to lose the spring.   Insert the new latch, hammer in the roll pin and you’re all set.  That’s it.  Obviously I left out a few of the parts where I hit my thumb with the mallet and stuff but you get the idea.  🙂

Many times when you switch out a standard part with an upgrade it can feel a bit out of place.  This is definitely not the case with the ACHL.  Because it is basically a modified version of your standard latch the feel while using it is that it’s always been there.  The left side works just as it did before.  The right side works by simply placing your right hand index finger where you would normally while using your thumb to press on the new lever extended from the other side.

The ACHL is a great little product.  And don’t think it’s just for the lefties out there.  You never know when you yourself might need an ambi charging handle.  In the heat of battle things happen.  You may have injured your left hand or arm some how and need to be able to use your right hand for these actions.  The ACHL retails for just $20 on the Phase 5 Tactical website.

Now the MRT (Magazine Release Tool) is something that I can say I am happy I don’t have to use.  Many of you may already know about the strict Assault Rifle laws in California.  One of these laws says that you have to use a Magazine Lock also know as a “Bullet Button” so you can not do rapid mag changes.  No more pressing your mag release with your finger.  It requires using something the size of a bullet to release the mag.

The MRT is a mag release tool that uses a magnet to attach to the “bullet button”.  It is specifically designed to be used when shooting a California Compliant AR-15 outside of the state of California as it could get you in trouble.  The magnet on the MRT is very strong and stays attached quite well.

The MRT is machined from 6061 billet aluminum and as with all Phase 5 Tactical products the machining on it is flawless.  For those of you who need one of these, the MRT is a very nicely built product that retails for just $12.99.

Keep an eye out for some additional posts for Phase 5 Tactical.  They have also expressed an interest in doing some giveaways on our AR15news Facebook fanpage which would be awesome!  You can keep tabs on all things Phase 5 Tactical by checking out their website at www.Phase5Tactical.com and by liking the Phase 5 Tactical Facebook page as well.