Our friends over at Strike Industries make some pretty awesome products for the AR-15 rifle including their Patriot Pistol AR Grips, Vertical Grips and Cobra Series trigger guards.  Now they have added a very unique enhancement for your iPhone 4 and 4S too.  It’s called the Battle Case and features a patent pending quick pull loop to give you faster “reload” times when removing your phone from your pocket. 

The Battle Case will come in three different colors, Black, Flat Dark Earth and Olive Drab.  You will soon have the option to purchase a very tacti-cool option of a Kevlar insert that will go inside the case.  Not that it will be bulletproof or anything but you never know how it might come in handy!  🙂

At the moment there are two different prices for the Battle Case.  You can get just the case for $11.95 or upgrade your order to get the Battle Case and 2 screen protectors for just $17.95.  So if you are tired of all those slow “reload” times or just annoyed that all of your friends have the same phone you have now you can make yours different by getting the Battle Case by Strike Industries.  Check out the additional pictures and information below then order one for yourself at

The SI battle case for the Apple iPhone 4 and 4S. Our case was designed to eliminate the slow “reload” times of pulling your phone out of your pocket. Any cell phone user has experienced this, phone rings and you go to pull your phone only to find it hard to find and grip inside of a pocket. Our patent pending quick pull loop cuts your phone “reload” times further making you a much more efficient phone user. Loop also doubles as an extra point of contact to keep your phone secure in hand. Makes it easier for phone manipulation.

An idea born out of the battlefield, Kevlar. We are offering optional Kevlar inserts and lens protectors for our cases. There have been many survival stories of soldiers on the battlefield being saved by their mobile devices. We are adding an extra layer of protection by offering a Kevlar insert for the case. Inside our case is a slot specifically designed and sized for our Kevlar inserts. Add an extra layer of protection with Kevlar. We are also offering an optional lens protector. Keep your camera and lens protected. Combine them both for even more protection.

Our battle comes in a nice smooth streamline matte black honeycomb finish. It’s also a premium slim case. We too dislike having a slim phone only to have to add a bulky case. Retain the sleek style of your iPhone while still adding a level of protection.

SI Battle case: “Battle Ready, Mission Capable”

  • 2 FREE screen protectors and 1 wiping card included with each case ($5 value)
  • Patent pending quick pull loop, pull fast, everytime
  • Matte black finish
  • Honeycomb texture
  • For Apple iPhone 4
  • Kevlar insert capable (optional equipment)
  • Lens protector capable (optional equipment)

*Note that our case with Kevlar insert is not bulletproof!

Don’t forget Strike Industries is the only distributor of JTECH Gear in the U.S.  You can follow both Strike Industries and JTECH Gear on Facebook.