hoganlogo2011_CHogan Manufacturing just announced a pretty sweet little SBR.  It’s called the 7.25″ CDW or Compact Defense Weapon.   This thing comes loaded with pretty much everything  you could need including their Hogan Gold Standard Trigger, a monolithic upper and Billet Ambi Lower just to name a few.  This is not your cheap bargain basement rifle and it sure is sweet!  Check out the info and picks below. 

–  Short stroke gas trap piston operated.
–  Barrel is a Rock Creek barrel blank. 1:8 twist, 5.56NATO chamber, 7.25″, medium contour, melonite heat treated barrel and gas piston system.
–  Upper receiver is Free floating Monolithic upper with rail system. Black mil spec type3 hard coat anodized with Nickel plating inside, or NP3.
–  Forearm is 6” long. Both side rails are 5” long, and bottom rail is 4” long. Top rail is monolithic from front of forearm to back of upper receiver.
–  Bolt Carrier Group, bolt is chrome, carrier is one piece design for Piston use, electro less nickel plated.
–  Lower is Hogan MFG design Billet 7075 aluminum with integrated trigger floor plate, and ambi bolt release. Black mil spec type3 hard coat anodized, or NP3.
–  Hogan Gold Standard Trigger installed with KNS anti-rotation pins. Clean 4.5# single stage match trigger. Ambi selector installed.
–  VLTOR 5-positon Milspec buffer tube
–  VLTOR IMOD stock, Ergo Sure grip, and Ergo Ladder rail covers on sides & bottom rail.
–  Furniture available in Black, FDE, Foliage green, OD green (with a Magpul ACS Upgrade)
–  H3 carbine buffer.
–  Overall length is 24” collapsed, 27” with stock fully extended.  Unloaded weight is 6.4 pounds.
–  A2 flash hider for muzzle device, installed with jam nut.

*3-port, 5-prong muzzle break available at no extra cost (except your hearing, possible dental work, and the concussive effects to shooter and others around you). The muzzle break on that short barrel is truly painful to shoot, however, we will gladly put one on for you if you so desire.

–  All parts used are made in the USA and using as many parts and process’ made in Arizona as possible.

Hogan MFG. machines the Lower receiver from 7075 billet aluminum. The upper is machined by Hogan MFG from an Anchor-Harvey forging. We make the bolt carrier, charging handle, gas manifold, gas plug, gas piston, and all the detents and pins used in the lower parts kit. The barrel is a Rock Creek barrel blank, chambered, contoured, and fluted by LGM. Heat treat and anodize is all done right here in AZ.

Rifle ships with a plastic hard case, 1 30rd Pmag (in free states), and the owners manual CD.

MSRP is $2590.00, dealers call for pricing. All NFA rules apply.