You may have noticed while shopping around for new AR-15 parts and accessories that more and more companies are beginning to offer their parts with different coating options that reduce wear and make cleaning much easier.  Core15 Rifle Systems just announced an awesome combo deal today with their NEW Cerakote Micro Slick coated M16 BCG & Hardcore V.2 Charging Handle Combo for just $176.99!

Micro Slick is a great coating for firearms parts as it creates a permanently lubricated surface and has a heat rating of up to 1200 degrees.  And because of it’s dry film coating there’s no oily surface to collect debris.  For these reasons and many more it’s used in many high end match grade rifles and racing engine parts too. 

Core 15 would like to introduce its new line of Cerakote Micro Slick products by offering a combo package of our M16 Bolt carrier Group and V.2 Hardcore Billet Charging Handle with an upgraded Micro Slick Finish.

Micro Slick’s formulation prevents surface-to-surface contact, thus reducing friction and wear between mating surfaces. The exceptional low resistant to shear enables the Micro Slick coated surface to operate with extremely low friction.

Our Micro Slick M16 BCG is MPI, HP tested and  shot peened. The Bolt, Cam Pin, and Gas Key are 100% coated with Micro Slick for a non abrasive, lubricious finish. This combo also includes our 100% Billet, CNC machined,  V.2 Hardcore Charging Handle that is also coated in Micro Slick. Like everything else that we put our name on, this Micro Slick/Hardcore Combo comes with our No B.S., No Questions Asked, Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty.


The NEW Core 15 Micro Slick / Hardcore Combo is available for purchase online at


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