If you are at all into competitive pistol shooting or like to watch the competitions you have likely seen the GoGun Gas Pedal on quite a few of the totally tricked out pistols.  The idea is to give the shooter a thumbs forward grip that helps you to control the recoil of your weapon and give you the confidence to pull the trigger at speeds you never thought possible.  GoGun USA has offered the Gas Pedal for the AR-15 in a billet form for some time now but as you can imagine that carries not only a bit of extra weight but also costs more.  Their latest version, just released yesterday, is the same GoGun Gas Pedal for AR-15’s but is now made of Polymer which dramatically decreases weight and only costs 1/3 that of the billet version.



I personally think it is much more comfortable for my hand than to try to wrap my hand around the rail but gives you just as much control if not more this way.  It also allows me to have my weapon light activation switch mounted on the top of the rail without the possibility of accidentally turning the light on because my thumb isn’t there.  As you can imagine turning on your weapon light even for a split second when you don’t want anyone to see you can give away your position and depending on your surroundings can affect your vision.

This is my personal rifle setup. No going back!


I have been using their billet form for the last 6-9 months and can’t imagine going back to shooting without it.  I combine mine with the use of a Magpul AFG (Angled Fore Grip) but it can be used with a Vertical Fore Grip or while just holding onto the rail.  They are also completely Ambidextrous or you can put one on each side.  The original AR-15 Gas Pedal was kind of heavy and expensive at $70.  The new Polymer AR-15 Gas Pedal is as light as a feather and only costs $24.50.  If you are looking to improve your shooting this is one that I would recommend to anyone. 

The GoGun USA Polymer AR-15 Gas Pedal can be purchased online at