Adams Arms has just announced their new AR-15 Lite Piston System retro-fit kits for both .625 and .750 diameter barrels.  This new kit features a lightweight gas block that is 25% lighter than the standard piston gas block.  This is a great option for anyone looking to convert their standard DI AR-15 over to a Piston System or for those who already have a Piston System in their lightweight .625 barreled AR-15 and want to drop a bit more weight.  Both versions come in Carbine, Mid and Rifle length systems.  Check out the pictures specs and pricing below!  

For those of you with a .625” pencil barrel, you now have an option for a piston system!!

–  This new system features the same high quality Adams Arms piston parts, already available, and combines them with a new lightweight minimized gas block, designed for the smaller .625 barrels.

–  This new gas block not only works on the smaller diameter barrels, but with its minimalist design, weighs roughly 1/4 less than our standard retro-fit gas block, currently on the market.  

–  Available in Carbine Length (Retails for $369), Mid Length (Retails for $376), and Rifle Length (Retails for $384) this system will work for any .625 AR 15 barrel currently available. 

–  Each system includes the following:
1 Drive rod (with spring and bushing)
1 One piece bolt carrier
1 Gas Plug
1 Gas block (with 2 set screws)
1 Receiver Bushing
1 Dowel rod (for installing the receiver bushing)
1 Bolt spring
1 Installation DVD


In addition to our new .625 Lite piston system, we are now offering a lightweight gas system for the standard .750” diameter barrel.  Now more customers can enjoy a lighter system, no matter which barrel diameter they have, .625” or .750”.  Weighing approximately ¼ less than our current retro-fit gas block, this new lightweight gas block will make a noticeable difference on your AR upper.  If you are trying to accomplish some weight reduction on your current set up, combining this system with a lighter rail/handguard will definitely be the way to go.  The system features all of the high quality Adams Arms parts, already available in our current system, along with a minimized gas block for a sleeker look and lower weight.  This is still an end user install system and can be installed on any mil-spec AR upper with a .750 diameter barrel.  There is no gunsmithing required and no permanent modifications needed.

–  Available in Carbine Length (Retails for $369), Mid Length (Retails for $376), and Rifle Length (Retails for $384), this system will be a great upgrade to any mil-spec AR upper. 

–  This new .750 Lite system includes the following parts:
1 Gas Block (with 2 set screws)
1 Drive Rod (with spring and bushing)
1 Gas Plug
1 One Piece Bolt Carrier
1 Receiver Bushing
1 Bolt Spring
1 Dowel Rod (for installing the receiver bushing)
1 Installation DVD

They are currently available only through our preferred dealers listed below.  This is the first run of this new product so get yours before supplies run out.  

Coleman Tyler – [email protected]
Elite Tactical Components – [email protected]
Rainier Arms – [email protected]
Riflegear – [email protected]
Western Sport – [email protected]