This is a Sneak Peak at the NEW Seekins Precision MR (Modular Rail) Monolithic Uppers.  As an AR-15 enthusiast I have been very tempted many times to buy a Monolithic Upper.  I never actually did it because of their one-piece construction that doesn’t allow the end user to change the length of the rail system without either completely changing out the upper receiver or having an extra complete upper.  Now, thanks to the ingenuity of Seekins Precision and their new MR-Monolithic Uppers, you can get a true Monolithic Upper and change the rail lengths anytime without having to do major surgery!

I can think of quite a few different times that I have wished there was an easy way to swap out the rail system on my rifle.  I ended up buying multiple lengths of “Screw-On” freefloat rails from one manufacturer that all used the same proprietary barrel nut so I could at least change the length of the rail system.

Their new MR Monolithic Uppers give you the strength and stability of a Monolithic Upper while still being able to swap out different rail lengths.  These Rails will come in 2 different models (Round and Triangular) and 4 different lengths (7″, 9″, 12″ and 14″) with a starting MSRP of just $239.  These will be available around the end of January 2012.  Check out the write up from Seekins Precision below.

Our new uppers are built from 7075 billet and the rail mounting points are machined in place retaining the stiffness of a true monolithic upper while allowing the rails to be completely modular. This new upper design is much thicker in the most critical area and will aid in squeezing the potential accuracy out of your rifle. Instead of a internally threaded barrel nut this system uses a externally threaded Titanium barrel nut with 1-1/8” wrench flats on it for simple installation. No special proprietary wrenches needed. These will be available for the two new SP rails below as well as the BAR and SAR rails currently sold thru Spikes Tactical.

When I set out to design a modular rail I just couldn’t make up my mind what one I liked best so we did two! Both are completely modular as far as accessory rails. You can have as many as you like, wherever you like, without compromising comfort or weight. Each design will come with one full length top rail, three short rail sections, and all mounting hardware. These rails attach to the tubes with a proprietary fastener system that makes it quick and easy to add or remove rails in the field. The angled slots will also accept a rail section and allow you to place them anywhere you like. These rails will also be available with barrel nuts for attachment to standard uppers. Both designs are the lightest on the market weighing less than 10 ounces for the 14” version without accessory rail attachments!

The round rail was designed to be a very comfortable and light weight rail system that will work in any situation AND allow a suppressor to fit back inside the rail. A custom 12” rail will be available just for suppressor use, designed to make using a quick mounted suppressor easy to install or remove while underneath the rail (such as the AAC or Surefire mount systems). The 12” rail with a 8” barrel and suppressor looks unbelievable. (pics coming soon) 

Available in 7,9,12 and 14” lengths MSRP starting at $239

The triangular rail was designed out of necessity from shooting 3 gun and sniper competitions where barricade or improvised shooting positions are frequent. At only 2” wide it fits perfectly into your hand and instantly feels at home. On a barricade, barrel, ledge or window opening the flat surfaces give you a very sturdy rest allowing for faster and more accurate shot placement.

Available in 12” and 14” lengths MSRP starting at $249