I don’t know about you guys but for a while now I’ve kind of felt like most of the weapon lights available right now are just kind of boring.  There are so many companies offering them but their all the same.  No new features, no new designs.  Where’s the WOW factor?  Thankfully INFORCE has introduced their new Military Grade LED flashlight called the WML (Weapon Mounted Light) that not only has a very unique / cool design but also has some absolutely awesome features that finally got me excited about another weapon light! 

The INFORCE WML comes in two different models.  The standard WML and the WML-IR.  The two lights are virtually identical except for one awesome feature, the WML-IR has an IR Illumination function!  First thing you will notice is that the WML looks totally different than any other weapon light out there right now.  It has a very compact body and everything is built in.  While many companies use either aluminum or polymer the WML’s compact body is made of Carbon Fiber and as you can imagine is very light weight yet very sturdy.  Each WML weighs in at just 3 ounces so you can mount it as close to the end of your rail without even noticing that its there.  They are also water proof up to 66 feet.

The WML body is very compact as you can see compared to the CR-123 Battery that powers it.

The WML features a bright white LED that puts out a focused beam of 125 lumens on the high setting and 30 lumens on the low setting.  It also has a strobe setting as well.  All of these are controlled by a single angled multi-function button that is built in to the tail of the light for easy access.  The button was one of the features I liked the most.  It is big enough that even my big hands can find it and use it.

The design of the multi-function button allows you to mount it at 3, 6 or 9 o’clock on your rail and still easily activate the light.  Just a push of the button and lights on!  Single tap and its in high output mode.  Another tap and you are in low output mode.  Double tap and you access the strobe function.

To keep from accidentally activating the light, INFORCE included two lockout functions.  First is the safety lever that flips up to block the button.  The other is a full twist of the light bezel to the left.

The WML also features a patent pending integrated rail clamping attachment system.  This design makes it very easy to mount and remove the light when using any NAR/MIL-STD-1913 rail.  Once installed you just tighten the clamp and it locks on rock solid.  No tools needed and no more sliding the light onto the rail.  The WML rocks on and locks in place.

As if all of that wasn’t cool enough, the WML-IR kicks it up another notch.  With just a flick of the side lever you can go from bright blinding light to “I can see you but you can’t see me” light.  The WML-IR puts out 75mW of IR light which can only be seen with night vision equipment.  No need for filters or adapters either.

These are totally impressive weapon lights.  Some of you may think that 125 lumens isn’t enough but for CQB uses this is plenty plus they have other Tac Lights that offer higher output.  The combination of compact lightweight size, unique design and IR option make these ideal for any tactical application.  Right now INFORCE is filling their Military and LE contracts and hope to have these available to the general public soon.  I have found a few website offering these to civilians right now though.  The pricing for these units are $150 for standard WML and $175 for WML-IR.

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