Many of you already know that I am from the beautiful state of Michigan.  Recently a fellow Michigan resident contacted me about helping him spread the word about a really cool new product that he has created.  Usually I stick to your larger “Manufacturers” when doing my posts but once I saw the product I knew I had to tell you guys about it.  His product is called the JKL Mobile Gun Vise and is hands down the nicest modular AR-15 gun vise I’ve ever seen. 

The JKL Mobile Gun Vise is so well built that it would not only be great for the novice AR-15 owner but would probably make any professional armorer a very happy person!  The construction is rock solid, very nicely machined and can be anchored down to any work station.  The reason I called it a modular gun vise is because it has so many different configurations and options.  I’ve taken a few pictures of the different configurations below.

The 2 pictures below are showing the S model JKL MGV which comes with the JKL MGV Base, Upper Receiver Block and Mag-Well Block.  The first shows an upper receiver in the S (standard) configuration for minor maintenance and cleaning.  The second picture is of the S model also utilizing it’s mag-well block which allows you to work on the lower receiver as well.

Also shows the front barrel jack support and rear buttstock jack support.


For those times when you really need to put some elbow grease into you can use the optional Upper Receiver Hold Down System.  The Hold Down System inserts into the arms of the base, locks in place using the pins and then tightens down on the receiver.  It really locks the upper receiver in place and allows you to put some torque on it especially if you have the base bolted down to your work station. 

Below is also the S model but showing the use of the optional JKL Cleaning Kit which allows you to mount your upper receiver to the gun vise upside down which allows you easy access to the inside of the upper receiver while cleaning.  

One of the optional parts that I really like the most is the piece pictured below.  It is designed to help you install/remove both the Trigger Guard and Bolt Catch.  Once installed on the base, you insert your lower receiver and then attach the small provided block to lock it in place.  This really comes in handy when trying to install/remove your trigger guard on a forged lower receiver without breaking off those not so forgiving trigger guard assembly ears.

The picture below is just to show you how well built the JKL MGV is.  Because the support structure is spread so far out, even with a fully outfitted upper receiver the JKL MGV doesn’t even feel like it wants to tip over at all. 

The JKL MGV is no lightweight piece of junk built in China somewhere.  This is as AMERICAN MADE as it gets.  All AMERICAN PARTS built by an all AMERICAN CITIZEN!  The JKL MGV comes in packages starting at just $140.  I realize that may be a bit more than some of you are looking to spend on a gun vise but when you’re looking for the best it’s very easy to justify the cost of the JLK Mobile Gun Vise.  I spoke with Dennis Snowden, the designer of the JKL MGV.  He said that he is consciously working on ways to lower the cost of this great product.  The more he sells the more bulk materials he can buy and pass those savings on to you the consumer.   The next time you’re looking to buy a system like this, give your business to JKL Mobile Gun Vise and help make this American Dream come true!

The JKL Mobile Gun Vise is available for purchase from