Here’s a sneak peek at the NEW for 2012 – Scorpion Recoil System AR-15 Pistol Grip from ATI Gunstocks that will be available Jan. 2, 2012.  These grips feature a new “Shock Absorbing” material that is molded to the back-strap of the grip itself.  There wasn’t a lot of information available for this new material yet so I asked Jon at ATI for some additional information.  You can read the very interesting information from Jon and see the pics and specs below. 

From Jon Shaffer at ATI.  “The new material used on the Scorpion Recoil Grips was originally experimented with as insulator around engine blocks in cars for sound dampening, it was also experimented with for sound dampening in aircrafts.  We decided to see what it could do in a buttpad and as an insert in the back of a pistol grip.  We found that it was extremely comfortable and just as it absorbs the sound waves in some of the applications above, it also absorbs the the energy wave from the recoil of a shotgun and other firearms.  The material actually absorbs the energy wave of the recoil on a molecular level reducing the recoil significantly.  The by-product of the break down of the energy wave is heat, but the temperature only increases a few degrees.  The material is also unaffected by environmental temperatures.  So if you’re in below zero weather the recoil pads are just as soft as they would be at room temperature.”

I personally have not had a chance to handle this grip but if this material functions as advertised I can see a definite benefit from it.  Most shooters tend to hold onto the Pistol Grip of their rifle pretty tight which in turn transfers the recoil to the hand of the shooter.  By reducing the felt recoil of the rifle it will in turn help with faster re-acquisition of the target and also reduce hand fatigue when shooting a higher volume of rounds.

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The NEW ATI Scorpion Recoil System features a brand new material. This material absorbs the initial shockwave which is the felt punch of the recoil. The Scorpion Recoil System increases the shooter’s comfort while reducing the muzzle lift.

  • Recoil impact is absorbed – Shooting anything from a 3.5” magnum turkey load to a door breaching load can now be done with no pain being transferred to the shooter
  • Reduces the challenge to reacquire the target by minimizing the muzzle lift
  • Not affected by chemicals, load size or extreme temperatures
  • Eliminates the punch of the recoil
  • Removes limitations from spring and piston type recoil suppression systems
  • Absorbs the energy wave regardless of the load size which makes it perfect for any type of rifle or shotgun
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty