A while back we showed you guys a really innovative weapon maintenance tool called the CAT-M4 which was designed for the cleaning of the AR-15/M4 bolt carrier group.  At that time many of you one-uppers 🙂 had asked if they made one for 7.62 AR’s.  Well, recently they started offering their CAT-762 tool (Combat Application Tool for 7.62) which is designed to be used with the Armalite and DPMS BCG’s.  Currently there are multiple different variations of the 7.62 bolt itself that the CAT-762 may not work on due to differences in the bolt tail itself.  There is a larger version in the works that will work with other Big Bore AR’s though.  For now if you have an Armalite or DPMS 7.62 rifle you should definitely check these out.  I’ve personally used their CAT-M4 and love it.  Check out the details below.

The CAT-762 features a Bolt Cleaner / Scraper, Firing Pin Cleaner, 1/4″ Hex Head, Patch Hole, and a Carrier Cleaner / Scraper.

Description:  (from Rainier Arms)

High Sierra Group, Inc. C.A.T. M-762 Tool allows the operator to clean the weapon and restore the bolt and carrier group to tactical tolerance in a matter of minutes. In the field, with gloved hands, and in low light conditions if necessary. The tool is currently undergoing field evaluation by selected units deployed in the global war on terrorism.

Note: The CAT M-762 tool was designed to simplify weapons maintenance in the field, or at the range, for Soldiers and serious AR10 shooters from all backgrounds. (Please do not expect it to remove all traces of model airplane paint as a test.)

High Sierra Group, Inc. P.O. Box 1012 Douglas, Wyoming 82633 offers a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you don’t like the tool for any reason, send it back for a FULL REFUND. If you break it, send it back for a NEW TOOL.

The CAT-762 and CAT-M4 are available for purchase from for just $28.45.

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