CORE 15 Rifle Systems just released 3 new dedicated .22LR Complete Uppers.  I’ve always wanted to have one of these for my AR-15.  Not only is it a cheap/fun way to just go plinking around at the range or in the back yard but its also an inexpensive way to practice shooting drills and exercises.  Just drop one of these on your existing lower and you have a .22LR that closely resembles the exact operation of your AR-15.  Check out the options and pics below. 

The CORE15 .22 LR uppers utilize the correct rate 1:16 rate of twist for the .22 LR round and eliminates the problem of fouling AR15 gas tubes with dirty rimfire ammunition.  Our .22 LR bolts are Nickel Boron coated to give them the utmost lubricity and efficiency while firing and making them easier to clean and maintain.

CORE15’s dedicated .22 LR upper comes with one (1) Black Dog Machine 26rd Magazine.

M4 .22 Upper – $489.00

MOE .22 Upper – $499.00

TAC .22 Upper – $589.00

These .22LR Complete Uppers can be purchased directly from!  While you are there you might as well check out their entire line of 5.56 and 300 Blackout Complete Uppers, Rifles and Accessories.