I’ve had a chance recently to get my hands on the new 1913 Rail Mounted Hand Stop by Impact Weapon Components called the WEAPON CONTROL MOUNT-N-SLOT.  Up until recently, IWC focused 100% of their efforts on the design and production of their MOUNT-N-SLOT items that attach to the Magpul MOE Handguard and other Forends that utilize similar slots.  All of a sudden they now have 5 different 1913 Rail Mounted items.  This has shown their commitment to adapt and continue building high quality products that meet the needs of the AR community.  Check out my review of IWC’s Hand Stop below!  

The IWC WEAPON CONTROL MOUNT-N-SLOT Hand Stop is the latest in IWC’s line of 1913 Rail MOUNT-N-SLOT accessories.  It’s CNC Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum to have an extremely compact and lightweight design that only takes up one slot on a 1913 Rail.  This makes it very easy to mount practically anywhere you want.  Most of the other Hand Stops I’ve used are pretty bulky and take up at least two or three recoil slots on the rail.  This is definitely not the case with the IWC Hand Stop.  Because of its compact design you should have no problem mounting it flush right up against your rail covers just like in the picture below.  Despite it’s very small size the IWC Hand Stop is still comfortable due to its ergonomic design and the fact that it doesn’t have a sharp edge on it anywhere. 

Most of you are probably pretty familiar with the idea of a Hand Stop but for those of you who aren’t I’ll give an explanation of typical uses of a Hand Stop.  Some people will tell you that a Hand Stop is only used to help you to quickly acquire a repeatable hand position which is great but they really are a much more useful tool than that. 

Probably the most common use of the Hand Stop is with the Push Method.  This entails putting the Hand Stop in front of your optimal hand position (see pic below) which allows you to push your support hand forward against the Hand Stop and pull with your firing hand on the grip.  This helps give you a nice fluid motion when sweeping rooms or engaging fast moving targets. 

The other common use and my personal preference is the Pull Method where you place the Hand Stop just behind your support hand towards the rear of the rail system.  This allows you to pull against the Hand Stop pulling the buttstock of the rifle tighter into your shoulder.  One of the reasons this is my preferred use is that this method allows you to help steady your rifle when shooting from behind cover by holding it against the cover such as shooting out a window or over a short wall, etc. 

Another popular method is to mount the Hand Stop in between the Push and Pull location and place two fingers in front and two behind the stop.  This allows you to use both methods depending on the situation.   You can also use it in conjunction with a Vertical or Angled Fore Grip as shown in the picture below.  This allows you to use the push method with the Hand Stop and the Pull Method with your Forward Grip.

I was initially worried that by clamping on to less rail space that it would not mount as solid as a larger piece but IWC’s superior machining and design has made this a ROCK SOLID piece of kit that won’t budge and you can rely on.  The Impact Weapons Components WEAPON CONTROL MOUNT-N-SLOT Hand Stop is a great addition to any rifle and is hands down the nicest I’ve had the pleasure of using. 

With a lot of manufacturing jobs being sent over seas it is nice to know that IWC prides themselves on the fact that 100% of their products are designed and produced by AMERICANS for AMERICANS right here in Colorado.  It also comes with a 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY.  Return for full refund including your shipping charges (trust me you won’t want to 🙂 ).

The WEAPON CONTROL MOUNT-N-SLOT Hand Stop is available for purchase online at ImpactWeaponsComponents.com for just $29.95 but all AR15news.com readers get a 5% discount when you use the code “AR15NEWS”.  This is just one of the many products available from IWC so take a look around while you’re there!

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