Some of you already know that my wife and I are expecting our second child here real soon which is why I was not able to attend the SHOT Show in Vegas this year.  Luckily many of my friends were able to attend so I am living vicariously through them and relying on them for some great pics and coverage of the show so I can share it with all of you!  My good friend John is there right now and has some great shots of some new products from MEGA Arms.  Check them out below!  


First things first!  Check out this awesome looking trio of AR-15’s.  A MEGA Arms AR-15 Pistol!?!?!?  How cool is that?  The AR-15 in the middle features MEGA’s new NiB Coated Monolithic Upper and NiB Coated Ambi Lower.  The one on the bottom has MEGA’s Tubular Monolithic Upper.  Pretty soon there will be another great option for a high end AR-15 as MEGA Arms will be selling these complete rifles starting in the second quarter of 2012.

The AWESOMENESS level of this next picture is off the charts!  Remember about a month or so ago we told you about the new 50 Round .308 Drum from XS Products?  Check out the XS Products drum attached to the MEGA Arms MATEN .308 rifle below.  It’s machined to match the design of the MATEN Upper Receiver.  That is one awesome looking rifle!

MEGA Arms will start producing a tubular version of their Monolithic Upper receiver this year and will offer it in NiB coating as well.

You are going to want to keep up with MEGA Arms throughout 2012 by checking out their website and don’t forget to “Like” MEGA Arms on Facebook

*Photos are courtesy of John Hwang of Weapon Evolution.