Viking Tactics just announced a new product to their lineup called the UVG or Ultralight Vertical Grip.  The UVG is a skeletonized grip that comes in two models.  The standard model which features horizontal grip grooves and the 45 model which has 45 degree grip grooves.  Not only do these look really sweet but both models have a re-designed storage compartment and a quick detach DLOC clamp.  

The idea was to do away with anything that isn’t really necessary  to make it as lightweight as possible.  To do this Viking Tactics shortened the grip compared to many other grips on the market and skeletonized the grip, meaning not only did they remove the core of the grip but also removed any excess weight by machining out the sides of the grip as well.  This is what gives it its unique look.  It obviously worked as they grip weighs in at a scant 3.8 ounces including the DLOC mount.  Check out the specs and pics below.


Viking Tactics Inc. UVG is the evolution of all other vertical grips. The VTAC UVG has been shortened to the proper length to provide great grip without excess length.

This grip has been skeletonized to reduce weight as well as allow for the installation of 2ea AA or 2ea CR123. There are no caps to lose, simply an O-ring that retains the batteries in place.

This system will also eliminate any unwanted rattling. The grip is attached with the Patented DLOC system, this system will not harm your rail and requires no tools for installation.

The weight of plastic but the strength of metal, this grip will not let you down.

Made in the United States of America

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