A while back my friend Brian over at Tactical Link asked if I would help introduce their new Gen2 Z-360 Sling Mount once they were done with their fields test to which I very happily said “Of Course”!  I had not used the previous version of the Z-360 but had heard good things about it and was excited to get my hands on the Gen2 Z-360.  Now I can say “I’m sold!”.  Check out the review and pics below of this great new product from Tactical Link!  

The Z-360 Gen2, like the original Z-360, is a very simple but effective sling mount for the AR-15 / M4.  It’s reinforced polymer two-piece construction allows it to be very low profile, lightweight and sturdy all at the same time.  Once installed the Z-360 features a single QD Cup that allows the operator to attach either a single point sling or the rear end of a 2-point sling just below the buffer tube. 

Unlike many other add-on sling mounts, the Z-360 can be installed without the use of any armorers tools or any dis-assembly at all.  The top half simply snaps onto the AR-15 buffer tube and fits snug up against the rear of the castle nut.  The lower half containing the QD attachment point is then attached using the provided allen wrench and two screws. 

With the Gen2 Z-360 Tactical Link didn’t want to just make it look a bit different and call it a Gen2.  They wanted to improve on an already great product to make it even better.  One of the areas they addressed was reducing its weight while ensuring that it maintained its strength.  By reinforcing the polymer a bit more they were able to reduce its weight by 25% while making it even stronger than the Gen1.  The Z-360 now weighs in at just 1 ounce but can support over 350 lbs.  Tactical Link also added Stainless Steel Threads and a Stainless Steel QD cup to give it better corrosion resistance and durability.  They polymer is also impregnated with an infrared-reduction material which gives it not IR signature at all. 

Some times its nice to have function meet style.  Thankfully the Z-360 Gen2 is a very attractive looking little piece.  For the review, knowing that I would be taking some pictures, Brian suggested that I use the FDE (Flat Dark Earth) color but they are also available in Black. 

During my review I used the Z-360 Gen2 in conjunction with a Tactical Link Stealth Single Point Sling.  I found the Z-360 Gen2 to work exactly as advertised.  My initial concern was that putting any stress on the mount would make it slide on the buffer tube but that is definitely not the case.  Once its in place and locked down its not moving. 

I was surprised how easily I was able to switch from left to right handed drills.  Many times you experience binding of the sling when the QD cup is not finely finished.  Tactical Link’s QD cup functions really smooth which made the transitions a breeze. 

I was extremely impressed with the Z-360 Gen2 and would have no problem recommending it to anyone looking for a great QD Sling Mount option.  To make it even better the Z-360 is made 100% right here in the USA!

The Z-360 Sling Mount Gen2 and many more high quality products can be purchased online at TacticalLink.com.

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