TacStrike recently released their new ultra portable GOFO Steel Target System which looks to be another winner in their impressive lineup of Steel Targets and Target Carriers.  I always like to keep my eye  on the new stuff coming out from TacStrike.  It seems like they are releasing another new and innovative target system every month or so…..because they are!

The name GOFO (Grasp of the Freaking Obvious) comes from just trying to un-complicate the target.  Many times when it comes to developing a new product, in our mind we have this great idea but we end up adding more and more complicated pieces, levers, arms, stakes, etc. until it becomes a huge mess.  This is the exact opposite for the GOFO.  Check out the pics and details on their latest creation below.  

The GOFO eliminates the need for any special tools to operate.  No stakes to put in the ground, no batteries, no springs, etc.  It uses a hitch pin to keep the rear support arm locked in place and folds up to make it very compact and easy to carry.  It even has a carry handle built in.  The GOFO utilizes the same silhouette and AR 540 steel as their very popular 1/4 Scale Steel Target system but doesn’t require the use of the lower stand.  It’s also less expensive.  The GOFO is rated for rifle fire at distances of 75 yards or more.

If you want to use the same targets as the best shooters in the world, TacStrike is where its at.  I have one of there Arched Base Target Stands but have been seriously considering purchasing some TacStrike steel to take the training to the next level.  You yourself can do the same. 

The GOFO and tons of other target systems can be purchased online at

TacStrike also has a great consignment shop for those of you who either have some gear sitting around that you need to sell or would like to buy some good used gear.  Check it out at

You can also follow Shooter’s Consignment and TacStrike on Facebook. 

Please read this quick note from Rob Tacket of TacStrike!

Thanks for the great write-up Ben.

I would like to add couple of things.

1st Please be aware that this is a rifle target only and is not designed to shoot at closer that 75 yards with. The reason is that the plate leans slightly back and you can just imagine the sever angle of deflection you would get if you were to stand 10 yards from this target and shoot at it while it was on the ground.

That is why there is a design difference in this target and the 1/4 Scale. Two very different user groups.

Second is that we have started two new initiatives at TacStrike and Shooter’s Consignment.

They are the Gear for Steel Program and the Bang for Clang Programs. If you have shooting related gear and equipment that is sitting unused in your house or a few guns in your safe that you wouldn’t mind trading in we can make arrangements.

Contact me at [email protected] and I will send you an info pack on how to turn last years purchases into a target line full of steel.

Thanks again,

Rob Tackett
Owner: TacStrike
Senior Instructor: Pat Goodale’s PFT