In the sporting world of 3-Gun Competitions the combination of weight reduction, accuracy and durability is a must have in your AR-15.  Unfortunately, these lightweight rifles typically carry a pretty hefty price tag.  Loki Weapon Systems doesn’t typically go with the flow and wanted to contradict that standard.  They’ve built a very affordable High Performance 3-Gun rifle that should appeal to not only current 3-Gun Competitors but also to those interested in the sport on a limited budget as well as anyone just looking for a nice lightweight AR-15.  Below you’ll find the pictures and specs for this great new rifle!  

The LOKI AR 15 3G rifle is high speed. We listened to the 3 Gun guys and our proud to offer a rifle that meets the criteria demanded by the community.The rifle is well balanced, light at only 6.8lbs, with low recoil, and sub MOA accurate in the right hands.

The features and options for the AR 15 3G is a sweet list. We start with an 18″ double fluted rifle lenght gas stainless steel barrel with a 1:8 twist and a M4 extenstion and a Corvette compensator. The barrel is shrouded with a 15″ 6oz vented carbon fiber handguard.The trigger is a single stage that breaks crisply at 3-3.5lbs with minimal creep and a stoned surface for smooth pull and a short reset. The upper receiver has a full auto rated carrier, M4 cuts and a forward assist. We finish the rifle with an A2 stock, Magpul MOE grip and trigger guard.

Options? Yep, there are options such as furniture, trigger, and the operating system.

The furniture options include your choice of MOE grip or Ergo Tactical. Stock options are the A2 rifle, Operator rifle, or the new Magpul MOE rifle stock. Hanguard options include the 15″ 6.5 oz vented carbon fiber handguard, LOKI XL auluminum vented modular at 14 oz, and the VTAC 15″ Extreme.

Operating System and trigger options include a choice of the LOKI tuned single stage set at 3 to 3.5lbs or the Giesselle SSA 2 stage. Operating system options include standard milspec carrier or NiB-X coated carrier, spring and buffer or the new LOKI Tunable Lightweight Operating System, TLOS, includes a 6.8 oz lightened carrier that works with your forward assist, lightened buffer, 10% Power Spring, and adjustable gas block to dial in the lowest possible recoil for extremely quick follow up.

LOKI Weapon Systems provides a limited lifetime warranty for all LWS rifles.

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