Battle Arms Development Logo 2Battle Arms Development is definitely going to be one of the AR-15 Accessory manufacturers to watch in 2012.  They will not only have quite a few brand new products to announce this year but they will also be upgrading some of their current offerings as well.  Much of this can be attributed to a $500,000 investment into what they are referring to as their “Secret Weapon”.  I asked George (President of BAD) if he could expound on what items may be available this year (I’ve heard rumblings about a BAD LPK for the last year).  Read below to see George’s resonse and a video of BAD’s new “Secret Weapon” in action.  


“The Swiss machine is going to be making all of our safety selectors in the future as it is far more efficient and less room for error.

Our new products will be a MP15-22 version of the BAD-ASS.  We’re also looking at the ACR and SCAR versions next.

Also, many people had been asking about a Semi Auto Version of the BAD-CASS (full auto selector) with the stronger DOVETAIL lever attachment.  That will be available soon as well.

The recently Patented BAD-T1 will be machined on this new machine as well as other cylindrical parts for the LPK such as the take down pins, hammer/trigger pins, etc.

That’s all I can reveal for now.”

There it is again!  He said “…the LPK…”!  I can tell you, if their new products are half as good as their current ones we are looking at an exciting year from Battle Arms Development.  Check out the video of BAD’s new Swiss Machine (AKA Secret Weapon) in action below.

If you are unfamiliar with what Battle Arms Development has to offer you should check out  Their BAD-ASS (Ambi Safety Selector) is by far the nicest ambi safety on the market. 

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