Palmetto State Armory LogoThe big rage right now is the 300 AAC Blackout caliber due largely in part to the ease of switching from 5.56 NATO to 300 AAC Blackout by just swapping out the barrel of your AR.  Palmetto State Armory has finally gotten on board and is producing a 16″ Chrome-lined 300 Blackout barrel using their very popular Hammer Forged FN made barrels.  If you are considering building your own 300 Blackout rifle or just converting your existing upper over you should definitely consider this barrel.  These are priced right and should be absolutely awesome!  Check out the pics and specs below!  

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This barrel is made of a proprietary blend of Hammer forged chrome molly vanadium made by FN that is referred to as “Machine Gun Steel” by virtue of its use in FN’s M249 and M240 weapons.   The hammer forging process work hardens the steel, making it more durable.  In addition, the chrome process for the bore allows for a lining almost twice as thick as a standard M16 for enhanced durability.  Chambered in 300 AAC, with a 1/8 twist, M4 barrel extension, and a carbine-length gas system.   The  barrel has an M4A1 profile under the handguards for better heat management and is Mil-spec phosphate coated, High Pressure tested and Magnetic Particle inspected.

Choose from a bare barrel, or an assembly which includes a barrel nut and pinned front sight base.

–  16″ Barrel Length
–  Hammer-Forged Machine Gun Steel Barrel
–  Extra Thick Chrome Lined Bore
–  1 in 8″ Twist
–  High Pressure Tested
–  Magnetic particle Inspected
–  .750″ Gas block Diameter
–  Carbine Gas Length
–  M4 Feedramps

This great new 300 Blackout barrel can be purchased at!