The other day I was surfing through the world of Facebook and saw a picture that Impact Weapons Components posted on their fanpage.  What caught my eye was a little blue piece.  Had it been black I probably wouldn’t have even noticed it.  Basically it was a plastic prototype of their updated CSAP Mount-N-Slot for the Magpul UBR stock.  The CSAP is one of the pieces that makes you realize why IWC continues to lead the way in bringing innovative products to the AR accessory market.  They look at a product, determine its one weakness and then fix it. 

As popular as the QD sling attachment is many people still prefer to use other attachment methods.  The Magpul UBR stock comes with two QD attachment points which is kind of odd being that their own slings don’t come with QD’s.  To use their own sling you have to purchase an additional QD Loop which can be an awkward and noisy piece to just have always hanging off your stock.  The CSAP was designed to replace the QD attachment point closest to the receiver giving the UBR a loop which would work well with the Magpul MS2’s locking hook and HK Hooks, Mash Hooks and many other attachment styles.  

The original Impact Weapons Components CSAP

When Mapul recently released their Magpul MS3 sling they again decided to use different attachment points but now they not only didn’t work with their own stock but the MS3 also didn’t work with the IWC CSAP either.  IWC decided to update their CSAP by incorporating a small loop to the design (see below) which not only made it nearly universally compatible with all sling attachment types but also made it possible to easily transition back and forth from strong side to weak side.  This new product is in production now and will be available for purchase in around 5 weeks.  I will be sure to let you all know as soon as these are available.  If you would like to keep yourself up to date you should “Like” Impact Weapons Components on Facebook.