A few weeks ago Rainier Arms let slip that they will be coming out with an awesome new product but wouldn’t tell anyone what it was.  We finally know it was well worth the wait.  The new Rainier Arms Ambi Charging Handle is going to be totally awesome.  They teamed up with AXTS Weapons to make their new Ambi CH.  This was a great choice of partnership as AXTS Weapons has already proved they know a thing or two about making an awesome ambi product.  I for one am very excited to check one of these new CH’s out in person.  Availability is 6-8 weeks out right now.  Until then we’ll just have to settle with the photos below.  Check it out!! 

Rainier Arms has teamed up with AXTS Weapons to create a state of the art ambidextrous charging handle. We believe the design & function is second to none and know that these will be a game changer. We are so positive of our design, we offer our typical NO-BS guarantee. The positive latch allows easy engagement from either side of the weapon with either hand. The right side of the handle is slightly longer to clear the forward assist and the grip surface is serrated for positive grip.

All our Rainier Arms products come with a limited life warranty against manufacturing defects. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied, you can return it for any reason in the first 90 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

The prices will be $79-89 retail. We will offer an introductory price on the first 300 units at $59.95.
These will be available in 6-8 Weeks (End of April or Mid May). The RA Ambi-charging handle will be standard OEM products on our complete rifles when available. The several people who have had an opportunity to run them have all been amazed at the quality and function. Nothing but the best from Rainier Arms.

Will be available from

Comparison photo of Rainier Arms ambi charging handle over a BCM Mod3, Mod4, Mod5 then a standard charging handle. Picture by TripleBravo
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What the final product should look like.

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