In the firearm accessory industry its rare for your typical large manufacturer to listen their customers requests, change an already popular product and bring out a new product within just months simply because you asked for it.  Luckily for all of us, INFORCE is not your typical manufacturer.  They listened to all of you who asked for a Momentary Only version of their unbelievably popular WML (Weapon Mounted Light) and are now making the Momentary Model a permanent full production model.  We will have more INFORCE news for you in the coming months but until then, check out the details of the new Momentary Only model below!  

Introducing the INFORCE WML with a momentary activation feature for those who prefer the single-mode function of a more traditional type switch.  The INFORCE WML produces 125 lumens of penetrating white light with a tight beam for close to mid-range applications and balanced peripheral light for discernment of the surrounding area.  Its angled activation button is comfortable to operate without interference of wires or tape switches.  Superior LED technology is virtually indestructible.  The INFORCE WML body, manufactured of fiber composite, is ultralight and durable; its patented venting system reduces heat for better LED performance.  Waterproof to 66′; O-rings seal the light to protect it under extreme conditions.  The inte-grated patent-pending rail clamping system is compact, convenient and secure.  Two distinct easy-to-operate lockout systems are incorporated to avoid accidental discharge: 1) twist the head to lock out or 2) lift safety lever to protect the activation button.

INFORCE WML, White Output
Output: 125 Lumens
Run Time: 2h   • Momentary Output

(2) Lockout Systems:
  • Safety Lever
  •Twist Head to Lockout

Submersible to 66 feet

(1) Lithium 123A Battery Included

Weight: 3 oz.

Length: 4.1 inches


About Emissive Energy Corp. –

Emissive Energy Corp. is an American manufacturer that designs, engineers and produces optoelectronic systems. A pioneer of portable LED illumination systems, the company is ISO 9001:2008 certified. With over 135 patents, our products have set many new standards in the advancement of portable illumination. Our mission is to design, manufacture and deliver products of superior quality, performance and value for every mission, task and theater of operation.