Most of us AR nuts have a few boring old AR-15/AR-10 Charging Handles laying around at home.  If you’ve been trying to figure out what to do with them you need to check out the new Battle Latch Extension Charging Handle Upgrade pack from Phase 5 Tactical.  This upgrade pack has everything you need to turn your standard Charging Handle into a modern day Tactical Charging Handle including an extended Tactical Charging Handle Latch and an upgrade Coiled Spring Pin which is much stronger than the standard roll pin.  Check out the pics and details below.

The BLE™ is Phase 5’s extended charging handle battle latch.  We designed the BLE™ to give the operator the ability to utilize the oversized battle latch to ensure a quick  and easy operation while charging the weapon. Designed with full broad contact points for both traditional and tactical weapon manipulation.

Great for scope mounted flat top receivers and allows expedited
reloads along with immediate rifle actions.

– Mil-Spec, Type III Hard Anodize Finish.

– Includes:  (1) Battle Latch Extension & (1) 1/16″ Stainless Coiled Spring Pin

Coiled Spring Pins are shock-absorbing fastening elements that provide flexibility, uniform strength, equal stress distribution and closer diameter tolerances.

Coiled Spring Pins provide combinations of strength and flexibility to meet our
specific engineering objective.

The BLE™ works with all AR15/M16 and AR10 308 standard charging handles.

The Phase 5 Tactical Battle Latch Extension charging handle upgrade kit is available for purchase at