Battle Arms Development Logo 2I’ve been working closely with Battle Arms Development since the inception of and they are one of very few companies that make products that I don’t look at as optional accessories.  Every single AR-15 that I build starts with one of their Ambi Safety Selectors, then I build around that.  In fact the next build I do will start by buying a lower that is compatible with one of the Battle Arms Development’s 45 Degree Selectors.  This isn’t some fanboy obsession.  That’s just how good their products are.  Their products sell themselves but that’s not good enough for Battle Arms Development.

Today Battle Arms Development has decided to make a public announcement regarding the expanded coverage for their First Responder Discount Program which includes all LE, MIL, Firefighters and EMT and to make their understood Unconditional Lifetime Warranty an official part of their product lineup.  Please take a moment to read the announcement that Roger asked me to help share earlier today.  

FROM:  Roger Wang 4-25-2012

“1. We’ve been giving military and LE discounts to active MIL, LE, firefighters and EMT personnel, this is no secret.  What’s little known is we’ve been giving the same discounts to RETIRED LE, MIL and firefighters as well.  This has been one of the things we do quietly, as it’s somewhat a hassle to verify, but it’s time we make it public so more of our everyday heroes can benefit from it.  For information on obtaining the discount code, simply email me at [email protected]

It is our hope that more companies will follow our example.

2. Our unofficial warranty is unconditional, life time.  It is now official, and it encompasses all of the products made by Battle Arms Development with a single exception: the 45 degree short throw selectors.  The removal of the pin block has legal ramifications, so it has to be excluded from the unconditional warranty.  Products not made by Battle Arms but sold by Battle Arms, such as Geissele and ALG triggers, KNDS products, Norgon Ambi-Catch, etc., are covered under their respective manufacturers’ warranty.”

As you can see Battle Arms Development is not satisfied to just make and sell some of the best products on the market.  They care about you the customer as well as making sure to give back to those who have given so much to our country.  Hope this gives you some insight into why I feel the way I do about Battle Arms Development. 

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