You know how much Multitasker Tools likes you AR15News readers?  Enough to give you an exclusive sneak peek at their super popular Multitasker Series 2x with the soon to be released Tan G-10 handles.  This is a nice contrast to their usual black handles.  Shane sent us a pre-production version including a new prototype/concept carry pouch to take some photos of and then share with you guys.  Check out the pics and my initial impressions below. 

First things first…I wish I could relay to you how well built the Series 2x is but until you’ve actually held one of these you can’t fully understand it.  I’ve used other AR-15/M4 specific tools, even ones in the same price range and there is no comparison.  Multitasker Tools  CNC Machined every piece of the tool instead of using stamped steel making it much stronger in every way.  All of the washers in the pivots are CNC machined from AL-Bronze which is self-lubricating and the TiCN coating on the pliers requires no maintenance at all.

[combogallery id=’41’]

The Tan G-10 looks awesome and definitely stands out much more than the black version.  MT takes great care to make sure there are no sharp edges anywhere on the G-10 scales.  G-10 is an extremely durable material but can rough your hands up pretty easily if the manufacturer doesn’t take the time to clean it up. 

The Series 2x features the redesigned “Chomper” style needle nose pliers that could make your Pitbull run scared.  I took the picture below so you could see just how much they were able to pack into this tool.  Included are the Needle Nose Pliers w/Wire Cutter, Castle Nut Wrench, Tanto Blade, 3/8″ Box Wrench, File/Flathead Screw Driver, Carbon Scraper, Pin Punch and A2 Front Sight Adjustment Tool. 

Multitasker Tools thought through every possible option and found a way to make the Series 2x even more user friendly.  First, the 8/32 threads used for the Pin Punch are the same as what are used in the OTIS Cleaning Kits so you now have a number of additional attachments for cleaning your AR as well.  The Pin Punch in the photos is made of AL-Bronze but the production ones will be made of more durable Stainless Steel.

Second, they made it so the A2 Front Sight tool can be removed exposing a magnetized bit driver which allows you to use the included 10-piece bit set.  It uses the standard 1/4″ drive bits so if you have one you use a lot you can replace one of the supplied ones with it. 

I was telling Shane at Multitasker that it seems like I can’t put the Series 2x down as I’m constantly finding things to use it on.  The Series 2x is very AR weapon specific but can easily be a multitool that you use on other weapons as well.  This was my very first experience with any Multitasker Tools products but I am totally sold!! 

The new Multitasker Tools Series 2x with Tan G-10 handles is scheduled to be out for sale in late May 2012.  If you can’t wait that long to get your hands on a Series 2x you can purchase the Black version from right now. 

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