A friend of mine sent me the following press release and I definitely wanted to share it with you guys.  SIONICS Weapon Systems is a newer AR-15 rifle manufacturer that has begun to make a name for itself in the Law Enforcement arena in Arizona.  I had a look at they’re website store and they’ve got some really good looking products and pricing.  They offer Rifles, Stripped Upper/Lower sets, Complete Uppers and Complete Assembled Lowers.  With so many retailers being sold out of parts, its always nice to find another avenue for purchasing high quality parts and rifles.  Check out the press release and pics below! 


Borderland agencies now have a home grown alternative for individual rifles and carbines

Recently the Buckeye, AZ Police Department evaluated several different manufacturers’ AR15 rifles for a department purchase; they chose SIONICS. While not a name that everyone knows, SIONICS is a name that has recently been making in-roads with LE agencies, officers, and people that need to carry a firearm on the job.  When asked “why SIONICS”, the most common answer is: the reliability.

SIONICS Weapon Systems started as one man’s labor of love only two short years ago, almost immediately the company started to grow and in the last part of 2011 moved into a new manufacturing facility and brought in new management and production staff – Bryan Smeltzer, the company’s master gunsmith, said that “SIONICS has always been about no-nonsense quality, and with the recent model line… we have defined that perfectly.”  He went on to say that “SIONICS focuses on the core of the rifle, the things that make it function reliably.”  “Lots of people try to figure out how to make the gun different, we just work on making it better” Smeltzer said.

SIONICS Director of Operations, K.L. Davis told us “it’s kind of tough in a way… we focus on what’s inside, the parts that matter to how the gun runs” – picking up one of the their Patrol Model rifles he added – “we don’t do a lot of glitzy stuff on the outside, so to just look at the rifle you can’t see what makes it tick… to do that, you’ve got to shoulder it and get some trigger time.”  He went on to tell us that their mantra is “The Barrel, The Bolt and The Trigger… we give you the best combination of those parts that can be found on a production gun.”  When asked for more detail on those parts, Davis told us that SIONICS either makes or has made to their specifications the best parts that they can find for the heart of the rifle, among some of the things mentioned were a standard after-market trigger, plated bolt carriers and premium barrels.

In addition to the new line of rifles, SIONICS also supports law enforcement agencies with training, maintenance programs, armorer courses, field inspection and professional witness services. SIONICS Weapon Systems is located in Tucson, AZ – for more information about SIONICS products and services, contact or call 520-441-1260.

Patrol Model One Specifications

Configuration: AR15 Style Carbine, M4 Upper Receiver
Barrel: Medium L/W, 16″ 41V50, 1:8, Chrome Lined, Air-Gauged, MPI,  NATO Match Chamber
Gas System: Mid-Length, Direct Impingement
Front Sight: F-Marked Front Sight Base
Rear Sight: Magpul MBUS
Muzzle Device: A2 Flash Suppressor
Bolt Carrier: M16 Carrier, Ion-Bonded Carrier and Key
Bolt: MilSpec, HP/MPI Tested, Heavy Extractor Spring, Black Insert and O-Ring
Lower Reciever: Forged 7075
Trigger: Single-Stage, 4.5lb Law Enforcement Trigger
Lower Receiver Parts: All Other Parts MilSpec
Receiver Extension: MilSpec
Buffer: H-Buffer
Stock, Grip and Handguard: Magpul MOE
Extras: Magpul P-Mag and Black Soft Case
MSRP: $1099.00

Check out SIONICS Weapon Systems online at