My buddy Rob over at TacStrike just let me know he has a huge sale going on today.  He was very specific that this sale was today only though!  On the list of goodies on sale is….The CPaSS Target Carrier, The Dropped Steel Swinger, 4 and 6 inch Stake-In Steel Targets and Stake-In Target Carriers.  If you’ve been considering picking any of these products up, this is the time to do it.  Rob will be on the Range teaching throughout the weekend and most of next week so he wants to ship this stuff out tomorrow.  Check out all of the sale details below!  Click the images below to see them on TacStrike’s website.   

Only 13 Rifle Hard Dropped Steel Swingers left at the One Day Sale Price of $79.95….

17 CPaSS Carriers Left at the $49.00 One Day Sale Price.

20% OFF ON 4 AND 6 INCH STAKE IN STEEL TARGETS Use Coupon Code “Stake In Steel”…