Its seems like its been a really long time since I shared about any new CAA products.  Then the other day I saw these new MAG17 Clear Action Mags and they really peaked my interest.  The idea of a “countdown” style mag is obviously not anything new.  What I like about these mags is the 2 things they’ve improved on over not only their own previous countdown mags but also over others being offered on the market.  The first being a much more visible white line indicator in the window of the mag.  The second improvement is something I’ve not see on any other mag yet.  It’s a button on the bottom of the mag that pops up to indicate when the mag is full.  This might not sound like a big deal but if you’re grabbing a mag in the dark its nice to know whether its full or “partial”.  I’ve heard some good things about the CAA Mags so these might be something I’ll need to try out for myself.  Check out the specs and pics below. 

MAG 17 The Clear Action Mag This unique magazine provides both a clear window on the side showing the number of rounds remaining in the magazine and a full magazine indicator button on the bottom.

–  A clear window on the side of the magazine provides the operator with a visual indicator of the number of remaining rounds

–  A white full mag indicator on the bottom of the magazine pops out providing a tactile indicator during low light conditions

–  Polymer body provides reduced noise.

–  Includes dust cover

–  High impact polymer 30 round .223 magazine

–  Non-tilting follower

–  Interior of magazine is perfectly formed to the shape of the round preventing jams and misfeeds

–  Corrosion resistant stainless steel spring

–  Counting system does not interfere with disassembly or reduce capacity

Fits: .223/5.56 AR15/M16

Length(in.): 2.875”

Width (in.): 1.25”

Made of: Polymer

Weight (empty, oz.): 5.76

Height (in.): 7.5”

The CAA MAG17 Clear Action Mag is available for purchase from!