I saw yesterday that STS (Specialized Tactical Systems) released a new handguard a few weeks back and I had totally missed it.  As hard as I try to keep up on what’s new….it happens.  : )  Thankfully the guys over at Soldier Systems Daily never miss anything and had the announcement up on their page.  This is definitely a nice looking rail and from what I can see appears to be another lightweight option for those of you looking for a round modular style handguard.  As with many of the new tubular handguards the SPARTHA gives you the option of mounting small individual 1913 rail sections where ever you need them including multiple in a continuous line like a standard quad rail offers.  I’ve included some of the pictures and information from the STS website below.  Check it out!  

The Spartha Rail was designed with weight and feel in mind.  It is the best feeling rail on the market, you grip the rail and just say: “yes, this is how I have always wanted my rail to feel”…. try it.. you will say that.

Both sides of the rail have thumb locating bars, these same bars are used to mount the movable picatinny rails.  Multiple picatinny rails may be purchased and installed on the Spartha Rail and may form one continuous rail if desired.

Ships with all required mounting hardware, one movable picatinny rail and installation instructions.  Available in Black, OD Green or FDE.

The SPARTHA handguard is available for purchase from