Centurion Arms barrels are known as being one of the best barrels on the market and when you compare their pricing to some of the other higher end barrels out there its a no-brainer.  Centurion Arms recently re-introduced their popular 16″ Midlength Cold Hammer Forged Chrome Lined barrel in a standard weight configuration instead of the super abundant lightweight profile.  For those of you looking for a standard weight profile barrel it doesn’t get better than this one.  If you’re on the fence about a Centurion Arms product for your next purchase, just remember that the owner of Centurion Arms is an active duty Navy Seal who won’t settle for second best and it shows in their products.  Check out the details below. 

Cold Hammer Forged Barrels

Hammer forging is a process in which a drilled and reamed blank has its rifled bore and chamber formed by swaging.  During production of the barrel, the internal profile is formed by a series of opposing power hammers which concentrically “crush” the drilled blank around a precision-ground and hardened mandrel.  This process yields an extremely uniform bore with a tough, consistent surface finish on the inside of the barrel.  A proprietary honing operation along with a specially tapered section of rifling formed during the forging process ensures excellent accuracy.  The forging process also work hardens the barrel steel resulting in a very durable and much longer lasting barrel.

Chrome Lined Chamber and Bore

The hard chromium lining used to coat the chamber and bore are harder than the barrel steel itself, which aids in longevity and also helps minimize fouling and corrosion often seen in austere field conditions.  Chrome also aids in chambering, extraction and overall performance of the barrel, meaning better weapon reliability and operator confidence with reduced maintenance requirements.  We have our chrome lining applied to twice the thickness of standard small arms barrels.

Barrel Steel

The Chrome-Moly steel alloy used in our hammer forged barrels was specifically developed as a machinegun barrel steel providing increased barrel life under prolonged rigorous firing schedules.

Twist Rate

We use a 1:7 (1 turn in 7 inches) twist rate in all our barrels. We feel this is the best overall twist rate for this weapons system, and will stabilize lightweight 5.56 projectiles as good as any other twist. This twist also will stabilize the newer, heavier bullets (e.g. 77 grain Mk262) being used allowing the operator to get the best performance out of this weapon system.


We use a true 5.56 NATO-type chamber in our barrels which safely allows use of higher pressure military ammunition in addition to promoting reliable feeding, locking, and extracting.

Feed Ramps

Our barrels are supplied with extended M4-style feed ramps to enhance overall feeding and weapons reliability.


The barrel finish we use is a manganese phosphate finish (Mil-Spec A-A-59267).  This finish allows for good absorption of oils to help prevent corrosion.  These barrels are all finished prior to gas block mounting to ensure the entire surface is covered for maximum protection even under the gas block.

HPT/MPI Inspection

HPT (High Pressure Testing) is a process wherein a proof load rated at 70,000 psi (far exceeding the pressure of a normal round) is fired trough the barrel.  The barrel is then tested with a non-destructive process called MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection) to detect any flaws in the barrel extension and barrel from the proof load.  These are standard quality assurance test performed on all our hammer forged barrels to ensure the highest quality product.

Weight: 1lbs 15oz

As of right now you can purchase this Centurion Arms 16″ Midlength CHF Chrome Lined Standard Weight barrel exclusively from RainierArms.com.